Metro Toronto Council Votes to Fund Marxist-Terrorist Group - Some Thoughts for July 4, 1996

Today, here in America, we are celebrating the "Fourth-of-July," the birthday and the most patriotic holiday of this country. While we are doing so in our back yards with our barbeques and our wading pools for our little ones, our "democratic" neighbor to the North, Canada, is slowly but surely sinking into chaos - largely thanks to goaded and, worse, publicly supported, financed action of the Marxist mob.

Here is a sneak preview of how this is accomplished. In an Open Letter to the Council of the City of Toronto, a young Canadian, Marc Lemire, wrote the following:

". . . I am writing you today to urge you to vote NO (on a government grant) . . . Over the past few weeks, I have personally faxed to your office over 60 pieces of information on the antics of the ARA (Anti-Racist-Action group) and some of the violent behaviour they have exhibited.

I have proven without a doubt that these people are terrorists (who) constantly break the law with little to no worry of being prosecuted in the courts. If you are going to vote yes to this grant, you not only are funding one of the worst terrorists groups in Toronto's history, you are giving Metro's OK to a rag-tag band of street punks who use terror and mayhem to further their own personalities and agendas. . . "

Marc then goes on to summarize selected samples of the behavior of this group.

Ä On November 13, 1992 about 125 members of Anti-Racist Action threw eggs and insults at the windows of a restaurant which hosted the Heritage Front for a meeting. The Toronto Sun carried a photo of two Anti-Racist Action members attacking a lone "Heritage Front supporter" after the meeting. (Toronto Sun, November 14, 1992) The same Toronto Sun article goes on to say "ARA members chanted 'run Nazi scum' and 'garbage' at Front members. Some swung picket signs and others chased rally goers down the street, hurling obscenities".

Ä On January 25, 1993 members of Anti-Racist Action ". . . threw rocks, eggs and insults," according to CTV News that same evening. The Heritage Front was ordered to appear before the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the ARA showed up to confront them.

The police stepped in and formed a protective ring around members of the Heritage Front and escorted them into the Courthouse.

After the Heritage Front was inside, hearing the Human Rights Commissions complaint, the ARA turned their anger on the police During the riot that ensued with police and members of Anti-Racist Action, two police officers were injured.

Members of Anti-Racist Action pelted the police with barrage after barrage of eggs, rocks, paint and human excrement bombs. Police horses were hit numerous times in the eyes with rocks and other projectiles (The Police Department later equipped the horses with special protective visors to protect them) CTV news that same evening showed clips of Anti-Racist Action members attacking the Police Horses using sticks (and) eggs. One ARA member even threw his bicycle right at one horse.

Ä On June 11, 1993 a rampaging mob of about 200 Anti-Racist Action members stormed the home of the Heritage Front's hotline announcer Gary Schipper, a political opponent of ARA.

During this protest, members of Anti-Racist action wore hoods and some wore paper faces of Mr. Schipper. On the march to Mr. Schipper's house some of the organizers of the march were pasting up stickers which listed the home address of Mr. Schipper as well as a clear photograph of him.

During the violent attack that followed, ARA members threw paint bombs, firecrackers, human excrement and bottles of urine. Several of the crowd jumped onto the porch of Mr. Schipper's house, smashed the windows and threw paint balloons through the broken glass window.

During this riot, the ARA caused over $75,000 damage to the house itself and ruined Mr. Schipper's bed, clothes and his office equipment, which was in the direct path of incoming "Human Excrement Bombs".

Ä On Sat., December 9, 1995 members of Anti-Racist Action attacked a private meeting of a group called "Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform (C-FAR)" - a group that protests out-of-control Third World immigration to Canada.

During this attack, the group of masked Anti-Racist Action members spit at meeting participants, threw milk on a table full of books and assaulted an elderly lady by slapping her in the face.

When the owner came to ask the motley crew of vigilantes to leave, he was spit at and verbally abused. After being kicked out of this meeting, the ARA continued to pound on the glass window outside the restaurant and harass customers of the restaurant.

Ä On February 5, 1996, eighteen heavily armed members of Anti-Racist Action attacked 3 people whom they assumed to be "Nazis". Upon seeing the three people sitting in Kennedy subway station, the Anti-Racist Action members started verbally and physically harassing them. (Jonathan Kingstone article, Toronto Sun, Feb. 5, 1996)

While yelling and screaming, one Anti-Racist Action member hit one of the victims with a steel pipe. Three people were stabbed and one had his jugular cut, just barely escaping death.

The ARA is very keen on postering. Posters put up at intervals have shown various people's pictures, licence plates and home addresses the ARA claims are "Hatemongers in the City".

Foremost among their targets is Ernst Zündel. One poster, entitled "Bored?" advocated the firebombing of Ernst Zundel's house on Carlton Street - which, in fact, happened only months after the showing up of this poster!

The direct result was a $400,000 fire that would have killed Ernst in his fourth story bedroom, had he not been on a trip. (It almost killed four young renters living in the building to the right who had to jump naked out of a window.)

This poster is a classic in mob audacity. It shows Ernst' picture, a map of the area around Mr. Zundel's house, an arrow to his house, and directions on how to make a firebomb. As if that were not enough, it shows the picture of a man throwing a molotov cocktail with the inscription "Your Picture Here".

Therefore, it stands to reason that Ernst Zundel, more than anybody else, has ample cause to oppose the ARA. For more than three years, posters of him have appeared by the thousands all over Toronto, showing his face in the cross hairs of a rifle. When he asked for police action after ARA members were seen and recognized by people on his team, the police refused to even take down a complaint - much less act on it and arrest those who advocated this arson and suggested assassination.

This unsavory group recently planned a three day conference (June 22-23) financed by public monies - i.e., a a grant which Karen Mock of B'nai Brith loudly supported. The conference has since taken place.

Sabina Citron, one of Ernst Zündel's long-time political opponents, and Karen Mock of B'nai Brith were featured speakers and panelists at that conference. Among many other things, it taught participants how to use stencils for illegal graffiti and several pirate radio techniques, illegal as well. The grant objected to above by Marc Lemire, for which the ARA had previously applied to the City Council, is assumed to off-set some of the costs of this conference.

Before the Metro Toronto Council got to voting on this grant, Ernst Zündel had written in an Open Letter:

". . . ARA is a violent, quasi-terrorist, anarchist group and has been so documented by the press.

The ARA grant application is itself bizarre and highly unprofessional. None of the three individuals listed as responsible for the conference have street addresses or personal phone numbers. All list their addresses as PO Box 664, Station C, Toronto M5J 3S1 and their phone number as 416-631-8835.

Even more bizarre, the ARA, not being a non-profit organization, has had to get a British Columbia group, the "Canadian Anti-Racism Education and Research Society", to act as their financial trustee. Interestingly, the contact person, one Alan Dutton, is to be flown in all the way from British Columbia, the other end of the country, to be one of the conference speakers. Dutton is a well-known West Coast leftist . . . "

You would have thought that such a "record" would have been a sufficient deterrent for any responsible public official to throw this scum group right out the door. Not so. To his meek credit, one councillor, Fotinos, introduced a timid amendment that the ARA ". . . come up with a list of names of their officers and principles and their financial structures." Others tried to to nail down the ARA to employ "only peaceful methods."

But little did that count.

After a day-long debate, The money allocated to these punks was a nifty $8,000 of the $18,000 originally requested. The vote of your public servants was 22 councillors for the grant and 8 against it - in other words, a vote of 3 to 1 in favor of street violence!

Wrote Zündel:

". . . Most of the ones who voted for the grant seem to think that if they did not vote for the financing of this Marxist-anarchist bunch, they would be considered "soft on Neo-Nazis." All cloaked themselves in their anti-racism rhetoric as if it were a mantra of magic incantation.

The most vicious and hateful were, predictably, Councillor Moscoe, who wanted "violence opposed by violence" to "fight the Nazis to my last breath." He made this statement, face contorted with hate, his voice quivering with raw emotion. Similarly, Councillor Layton, who was, as per usual, all things to all men - homosexuals, lesbians, Blacks and Jews.

The other councillors were the typical mealy-mouthed, politically correct snivelers, chasing after a little back-slapping from B'nai Brith and other parasites feeding off the public trough.

The one interesting aspect of this whole ARA grant matter is what was revealed about the intelligence sharing and cooperation between B'nail Brith and the violence-prone ARA. It is obvious to not a few that some of the Jewish organizations have been using the ARA as their useful idiots and cannon fodder - as I suspected all along.

Theyse people are now publicly identified as the protectors, promoters and benefactors of the ARA. Either they intended to elevate these Marxists, or they are arrogant enough to think that they cannot be touched by the scandals caused by this violence-prone gangs of thugs and terrorists.

We live in interesting times. . . "

The Councillors who voted against this grant being given to the ARA are: Norman Kelly, Raymond Cho, Gordon Chong, Brian Harrison, Douglas Holyday, Frances Nunziata, Dick O'Brian, and Case Oates. They are to be commended.

The full roster of the Council members, along with the telephone numbers, is listed below:

Brian Ashton_____________416-392-4052
Maria Augimeri_____________416-392-4023
Ila Bossons_____________416-392-4096
Scott Cavalier_____________416-392-4050
Raymond Cho_____________416-392-4078
Gordon Chong_____________416-392-4063
Olivia Chow_____________416-392-4044
Paul Christie_____________416-392-4082
Caroline Di Giovanni_____________416-392-4087
Frank Faubert_____________416-392-4008
Dennis Flynn_____________416-392-4005
Dennis Fotinos_____________416-392-4069
Norman Gardner_____________416-392-4020
Lois Griffin_____________416-392-4026
Barbara Hall_____________416-392-4081
Brian Harrison_____________416-392-4017
Douglas Holyday_____________416-392-4002
Anne Johnston_____________416-392-4090
Norman Kelly_____________416-392-4047
Blake Kinahan_____________416-392-4041
Joan King_____________416-392-4038
Mel Lastman_____________416-392-4075
Jack Layton_____________416-392-4060
David Miller_____________416-392-4072
Ken Morrish_____________416-392-4057
Howard Moscoe_____________416-392-4029
Frances Nunziata_____________416-392-4093
Dick O'Brien_____________416-392-4099
Case Ootes_____________416-392-4032
Joe Pantalone_____________416-392-4011
Michael Prue_____________416-392-4035
Bev Salmon_____________416-392-4014
Judy Sgro_____________416-392-4066
Alan Tonks_____________416-392-8001