Urgent appeal for your cooperation:

To my friends in the intelligence, scholastic and Revisionist community:

You have undoubtedly heard that I face two new criminal charges sworn out again by Sabina Citron, a Jewish Holocaust Promotion Lobby advocate who swore out charges against me on three previous occasions and was responsible for my losing my mailing privileges in 1981 for one year.

I prevailed over her in each and every instance in the past!

With this new development, strategically a very poor move on the Holocaust Promotion Lobby's part, we Revisionists will have a chance to catapult ourselves onto the next level of "debunking the Holocaust" - not the erroneous "facts" of the "Holcaust" themselves, which have already been disproven to the satisfaction of decent and discerning people everywhere and to the scientific community specifically - but the unconscionable consequences of the Holocaust - the "Why" behind the Holocaust.

In other words, this time I want to expose and unravel this facet of the "Holocaust" as the driving force for the entire "Holocaust" extortion industry.

I am particularly looking for material where the "Holocaust" was used or invoked or implied, or where "survivors" were implicated in crimes, rackets, shady deals, extortion or war crimes against Germans or, later, British Palestine Police, the Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel, the Lebanese in Sabra and Shatila, and in the 1967 and 1976 Egyptian wars, where individuals or groups used the "Holocaust" as an excuse for their crimes.

For example, I am looking for typical accounts like the ones described in:

· "An Eye for an Eye" by John Sack, where Jews posing as Polish Secret Police beat and tortured to death thousands of Germans and Poles

· "The Avengers" by Michael bar Zohar, where Jewish execution commandoes killed hundreds and planned to kill millions by poisoning bread and water

· "Legions of Death" by Rupert Butler, where the torture and subsequent confession of Auschwitz Kommandant Hoess is being described.

I need every conceivable clipping, article, book title, ISBN number, page number if applicable, publishing date etc. etc. so I can collect, assemble, correlate and use this evidence as empirical court documents, which will be devastating on the opposition in their cumulative effects.

The material can go back to 1939 and even before, with rackets and crimes committed in Europe by gangsters against the Germans and their Allies, always with the justifications that these crimes ought to be condoned on the basis of " . . . getting back at anti-Semites," "Nazis," "collaborators" etc.

Please send me photocopies, clippings, books and booklets, in which those I am supposed to have libeled and slandered make lying, hateful statements, claims and charges against "Nazis," Germans, or about Revisionists who question their activities.

Please make sure all photocopies are neat, that no edges and text have been cut off while copying them, and that all pertinent information is clearly legible. Please give the publisher's name, author's name, issue number, date, copyright, exact title, ISBN number where applicable etc.

If you have video clips of newscasts of any of these stories, from TV news or TV specials, newsreels, anything at all, now is the time to submit these materials to me. We will use them - believe me!

Please remember: Do not send me originals. They might get lost or get seized by Canadian customs or police. They might be tied up in court as evidence for a long time. (Like 9 years the last time. . . !)

Big names are claiming to have been "defamed" by me this time, which is likely to mean Big Media at the trial. This newest frivolous, vindictive move on the Holocaust Promotion Lobby's part will enable us to give them a licking in full view of the public, from which they will not easily recover.

Please remember: I am merely the tool, the means to achieve this end. You can help make it possible. I thank you in advance.

Please download and fill out the questionnaire below and return to me as soon as possible.

_____ Yes, Ernst Zündel, I would like to help you defeat the Holocaust Promotion Lobby. I have the following talents (expertise, education etc.) :_______________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

____ I am sending you documentary evidence
____ Books

____ Other (describe)_________________________________________

____ I am willing to testify under oath to the following: _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

(please describe in detail).

____ I own a Computer (IBM Compatible)
____ Mac
____ Modem
____ Laser printer
____ Electronic Bulletin Board
____ Website
____ E-Mail:

____ I am willing to come to Toronto and serve in any capacity needed - dishwasher, bodyguard, gopher etc.

____ I cannot participate directly in the trial, but would like to support you financially. I am able to pledge the following monthly amount for the duration of trial: $_____.

____ I would like to request help in setting up a will. Please send me the necessary forms and instructions.

____ I would like to send you a jump-start donation of $_______.

Name: ___________________________

Ernst Zündel thanks you in advance. When the time comes, he will be in touch via letter, Internet, Radio- und TV broadcasts.