Experts Wanted!

Ernst Zündel calls on the world's bravest men and women who can offer very special expertise for the Great Holocaust Trial #3, a show-down of global dimensions, expected to take place this coming summer.

Specifically, Ernst Zündel is calling on:

  • Communications experts who can analyze language and explain the impact of spoken words, written text, radio and TV broadcasts on society

  • Experts on the nature of economic crime who can analyze, dissect and assess the Holocaust reparations so far received by individuals and organizations in Israel and elsewhere. These experts will be asked to examine the factual basis for these reparations.

  • Insurance fraud investigators who will analyze some of the above claims from the vantage point of a gigantic insurance-type fraud

  • Attorneys, restitution judges and knowledgeable bureaucrats who have been involved in handling "Restitution and Reparations" cases or who are in a position to volunteer some time on "stand-by" duty

  • Psychologists who can analyze "hate speech" and related topics directed at Ernst Zündel, Germans and the German nation

  • Experts on the financing, operations and effects of lobbies on the government, such as the Holocaust Lobby, Simon Wiesenthal Center etc.

  • Police fraud investigators who are now retired who would apply Police Ecomomic Crime and Fraud standards to this topic.

  • Experienced investigative journalists to examine media culpability and responsibility for covering up shameful records of people such as Simon Wiesenthal, now exposed by "Panorama" in Germany

  • Media people fed up with the lapdog role they have been asked to play for all-too-many years.

This list will be continued, and details given later. Contact Ernst Zündel with leads and suggestions.

We want the finest, bravest, most articulate and knowledgeable experts we can find!


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