An Open Letter from the "Zundelsite" to all principled Freedom-of-Speech activists globally: We Are In Need Of Intervenors!

As many of you know from hundreds of articles and newscasts this past year, the Zundelsite is arguably the best-known - and most controversial - Website on the Internet. We are at the cusp of the Revisionist Movement. We are loved by many, and we are hated by some - but no one is indifferent to us.

We are engaged in a struggle to revise history - so as to bring history in accord with the FACTS, not propaganda. We have no membership. We are not affiliated with any political groups. We are merely asking for scientific, forensic EVIDENCE justifying widely-held political and financial claims adversely affecting German people world-wide that the "Holocaust" is indeed what it is marketed to be.

We were attacked by the German state via Deutsche Telekom in January of this year which caused the first-ever Internet shutdown of 1500 sites located at Web Communications in California to prevent people from reaching our Internet website and participate in, or at least observe, an announced Holocaust Debate.

We were attacked again and, in effect, politically X-rated in a precedent-setting censorship move this past summer when the German Ministry for the Family and the Aged decided that eight of our documents were "socially disorienting" to minors - because they questioned the "officially" decreed Holocaust history used to indoctrinate youngsters in schools in Germany.

We now face a MAJOR censorship assault and possible shutdown of the Zundelsite by a Canadian organization called the "Canadian Human Rights Commission" which has decided that the global Internet is a "telephone" and, hence, falls under the jurisdiction of the CHRC. This outfit has the "right" to shut down telephone messages deemed "hateful" by them. (This would be similar to telephone info- or hotlines using tape-recorded messages.) The Internet is seen by those running the HCRC as embodying a similar technological rationale.

Ernst Zundel is a German living in Canada. The Zundelsite is physically located in the United States. The person heading CHRC, Maxwell Yalden, has recently been appointed to a UN advisory position - which means that the controversy involving the Zundelsite will move straight to the United Nations level. The irony of the situation is that Max Yalden, the CHRC's chief commissioner, ought to be expected to protect human rights, including the universal right to Free Speech - not stifle or deny that right.

Yet just the opposite is true. Yalden and his cohorts are abusing the process by arbitrarily applying their laws to stifle only people of Zundel's opinion.

Ernst Zundel has stated many times that the Zundelsite has as its mission the rehabilitation of the honor and reputation of the German nation and people. Specifically, the Zundelsite challenges the traditional version of the "Holocaust" - an Allied propaganda tool concocted during World War II - that is NOT based on historical fact but is a cleverly used ploy to keep the German wartime generation and their descendants in perpetual political, moral, emotional, spiritual and financial bondage.

The Zundelsite challenges three specific, commonly accepted, monstrous lies pertaining to the "Holocaust":

  • that there ever was a Fuehrer order for the genocidal killings of Jews, Gypsies and others

  • that the chief murder weapon or instrument for the alleged mass killing, called a "gas chamber," was designed for the express purpose of targeting groups of human beings like Jews

  • that the numbers of victims claimed to have been killed are anywhere near the number of people who actually died in concentration camps of whatever cause - including lack of food, lack of shelter and medicines, epidemics, old age and the vagaries of total war.

To claim that World War II was fought by the Germans, as the Holocaust Promotion Lobby incessantly claims, just to kill off the Jews as a group, is a deliberately planned, systematic deception amounting to financial, political, emotional and spiritual extortion. The "Holocaust," first propagandized as a tragedy, has over time deteriorated into a racket cloaked in the tenets of a new temporal religion - replete with martyrs to the Faith, holy shrines, high priests like Wiesel and Goldhagen, and theologians of the Faith such as Raul Hilberg, Deborah Lipstadt et al.

The "Holocaust" is NOT a Faith. It is alleged history. It is high time to subject the "Holocaust" to public scrutiny - just as any other historical issue has been subjected to public scrutiny since time immemorial.

That is precisely what we want. We want no more - no less.

We want unfettered public examination and discussion of the EVIDENCE as we have found it and continue to find it. Our ultimate political goal is a neutral international symposium with full access to still classified World War II documents held by all nations willing to look at and evaluate our evidence in an unbiased manner - and the Holocaust promoters' claims as well.

We will stand tall if we are right. We will self-destruct if we are wrong. That's it.

Until this happens, the Zundelsite intends to function as an information outreach source. The Zundelsite documents will prove in many different ways - statistically, forensically, and logically - that it is historically inaccurate, emotionally misleading and cruelly unfair to Germans everywhere to claim the "Holocaust" took place in the form portrayed by the conventional media, most institutions of learning and mainstream media, and especially by writers like Wiesel, Hilberg and Goldhagen.

The Zundelsite is dedicated to the sacred belief held by all independent people everywhere that a truly democratic society does not need to fear, suppress and persecute an alternate view of history, culture, race, religion or politics. In truly democratic societies, a citizen is duty-bound to inform himself and others of a threat to the public welfare and to act in defense of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

That is what we are doing - by our research, and by publishing our findings. We believe in truth, freedom, fairness and justice for all - not just for the privileged, politically correct and well-connected wealthy few. The German people have a rightful claim to fairness. After over fifty years of suppression, persecution and massive disinformation, we ask that the World community grant the Germans, as individuals and as a group, the right to free themselves - peacefully and legally! - from the mental shackles of defeat imposed on them since 1945. We ask that they be given, too, the right to full free speech and to unfettered inquiry into their own history!

We believe in Article 19 of the United Nations Charter on Human Rights which encourages us to inform ourselves and others across state lines and frontiers by all means possible - especially when abuses, wrongdoing and criminal acts occur - even by people in high positions endowed with enormous authority, hiding their abuses behind a veneer of supposed "legality", as is the case at hand with the Canadian Human Rights Commission now trying to shut down the Zundelsite!

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights reads as follows:

"Everyone has the right of freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinion without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

This is a call and plea to all fair-minded people everywhere regardless of race or religion - inside and outside of governments, Human Rights Organizations, and disciplines in various fields TO HELP US AS ACTIVE INTERVENORS in the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Hearings, which are to start this month. There is NO TIME TO LOSE!

Specifically, we are looking for the following:

  • legal experts in international law

  • experts in mass communications, especially in electronic communications, who can explain to a lay panel what tools and methods have evolved and have been and are now being used pertaining to the Internet

  • experts on terrorism and counter-terrorism, conflict resolution etc.

  • experts on the history of how occupied people can, and have, freed themselves from subjugation and bondage by non-violent means

  • experts on the United States RICO statutes pertaining to extortion racketeering on a national and global scale (the "Holocaust" may fit the crime!)

  • censorship experts

  • linguists and experts in social control who can testify to the impact of words on the mind

The Zundelsite is pioneering freedom on the Internet. We don't ask that you like us or that you agree with us. We only ask that you be fair - and act according to your conscience. You Freedom Fighters on the Net have been so generous to us at the beginning of the year when we were totally unknown and barely alive in cyberspace. You cloned the Zundelsite. Please help us now - not just for our sake. For future generations. We need you - more than ever.

Please e-mail your response as soon as possible to: