The Historic David Cole Letter

Jewish Holocaust revisionist David Cole from the United States wrote a letter to Attorney General Howard Hampton in support of Zündel. The letter was published in full in Canada's only national German ethnic newspaper, the Kanada Kurier:

September 1992

Mr. Howard Hampton
Attorney General of Ontario
720 Bay Street, 11th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2K1

"Dear Mr. Hampton,

I am writing concerning the case of Ernst Zündel, and your forthcoming decision as to the filing of new charges against him. I am Jewish, and also a Holocaust Revisionist. I am not some nutcase crawling out of the woodwork to spread hatred and anti-Semitism, but quite the opposite. I have been rationally explaining to people for years that there are two sides to the 'Holocaust' story, and that based on the evidence at hand, the revisionist side is simply more believable. Revisionism is not about hatred and malice, but objectivity and the attempt to discern truth from falsehood. If I was trying to hurt Jews, it would mean trying to hurt everyone in my family. That would be a serious charge to level at me.

I have been profiled on a network television show in the United States (the prime time news show '48 Hours' hosted by Dan Rather) and have also debated the issue with survivors and 'experts' on a national talk show (The syndicated 'Montel Williams Show'). I have never been accused of being a racist, Nazi or Jew hater (all of which I'm not).

The purpose of this letter is to ask you to stop the legal persecution of Mr. Zündel. I realize that there are pressure groups trying to convince you to do otherwise, and I likewise realize that it must be difficult for these people to separate their emotions from what is best for intellectual freedom in Canada. It should therefore be your job, as a representative of both the people AND the law, to look at things objectively and do what's best for both the people AND the majesty of the law. How has the continued persecution of Mr. Zündel benefited the people of Canada, except as an example of how to waste tax money? And how has the gross double standard concerning the rights of Germans as compared to the rights of other ethnic groups benefited the integrity of the law?

Please remember that the issue of the 'Holocaust" doesn't just concern Jews; Germans were there, too, and have as much right to study it as part of their history as do Jews. Years from now, perhaps many years, perhaps only a few, when cooler heads have prevailed and the Holocaust can be openly looked at objectively, and we see that the world as we know it has not ended as a result, the hypocritical and mean-spirited hounding of Ernst Zündel will seem pretty useless in retrospect, and history will not look favorably on those who were a part of it.



David Cole