Ernst Zündel:

". . . Consider this website the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral on which this story will be hammered for all the world to see. It has been done before by Martin Luther, who made these words immortal: 'I am more afraid of my own heart than of the Pope and all his cardinals. I stand here. I cannott help myself. So help me God! '

I stood in front of that Wittenberg church in 1990 displaying the Leuchter Report . . . "

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"I am drawing my line in the snow!"

I have spent the last few weeks preparing my counter-moves against the new persecution measures dreamed up by the Zionist-Marxist ideologues who have infiltrated Canadian society and the bureaucacies of this land like maggots feasting on a cadaver. Every time I come up against some new problem or grief given me, if only I dig deep enough, I almost always find that it emanates from the Forever Persecuted, Self-Chosen People and/or some Marxist Dinosaur, trying out his textbook tricks yet one more time to slay yet one more of his "Nazi demons".

I have never had a problem with ordinary working Canadians or Americans. Only the agitated, frazzled intellectuals and ideologues have caused me grief - to no end.

These past few weeks, while preparing and sending out press releases and doing the resultant interviews, I have frequently quoted Article 19 and other Articles of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This, in turn, has caused a flood of letters, faxes, e-mail and phone calls in my direction, informing me that I am either stupid or naive or both. Don't I know, my friends and advisors point out, that the United Nations, of all places, are an organization teeming with Marxists, Socialists, One-Worlders - and, yes! many of them Jews? I, a German challenging the Holocaust? Why do I want to waste my time appealing to this organization under these circumstances?

Well, it is really quite simple.

They claim a lofty purpose - the protection of human dignity. I am a human being. I qualify. I, too, seek dignity. Like all the other six billion-plus human bipeds, I am entitled to invoke that document's safeguard and shield - like every American can and does invoke the protection of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Both friends and foes are fond of telling me that my past victories and successes have been achieved because I was hard-nosed and realistic to the power relationship arrayed against me - ". . . but with that UN stuff, you are way off the mark. You are dreaming and grasping at straws!"

I will now test if this Universal Declaration of Human Rights applies to all people equally - including Ernst Zundel, the German. Even though some of my legal advisors get exasperated when I keep bringing up all those UN Institutions and Protective Conventions, Declarations, Treaties etc., and even though they think that I have lost touch with reality, I intend to find out how serious these people are and how serious they take these documents. I intend to find out how far the UN will go, and how strongly they will defend the dignity of every human being on this planet.

I beg to differ with my friends and advisors. I think that the world has now shrunk, thanks to miraculous innovations in communication, primarily the Internet and satellite broadcasting, and that people everywhere, even Germans, are entitled to their human rights, including uncensored access to their history. Germans everywhere, including German dissidents, ought to enjoy all those ideals and principles these UN documents and their assorted trusties talk about.

Even I. Even a Holocaust Skeptic.

I am therefore taking the fight for my own rights and, by extension, my own ethnic group's rights, beyond the narrow and often bigoted frontiers of the country where I was born. I am taking it beyond the country of my choice, Canada, where I have lived and worked for 38 years, and where I have peacefully engaged in legal and democratic activism for the Human Rights for Germans.

Will I succeed? Well, we will see.

What are my chances if Maxwell Yalden, the Chairman of the National Canadian Human Rights Commission, recently appointed as a United Nations Advisor, is going to use this powerful Canadian commission to deprive me of the very human rights he was appointed to protect and uphold - trampling Article 19 of the UN Declaration of Rights in the process?

Time will tell.

I could appeal to the Prime Minister of Canada, you say. Ah, but he has already told his Jewish election campaign financiers and supporters publicly that ". . . people like {Ernst Zundel} are not welcome in Canada." (He was talking about Holocaust Revisionists in a blanket statement, which an eager lapdog press immediately and nationwide interpreted as "Ernst Zundel").

The record of political opponents who try to shut me down have tried before. They have tried to shut me down, and off, for almost twenty years. The story of my struggle against rich, powerful opponents is too long to be recounted here - let me just say that now some anonymous bureaucrat, whose name I do not know, using the prestige and letterhead of the Canadian Civilian Intelligence Agency, has written a letter to the Minister of Immigration and in that letter declared me a "security threat" - making wild and unsubstantiated charges about me and against me.

I have not been told the details. Chances are I will never be told on what grounds they came to these conclusions that I am a "secury threat" to Canada. Just as in the darkest years of the worst of the Stalinist purges, one anonymous letter is all that it took to do an unsubstantiated hatchet job. How can an anonymous, unsubstantiated letter be used on a peaceful citizen with an unconventional and unpopular point of view in a devastating blow to his reputation? How can an anonymous official be used against a peaceful citizen to bludgeon his reputation, to smear his name, ruin his business, imperil his future and give carte blanche to customs inspectors, Immigration personnel and any and all police personnel to treat him with utter disdain and trample on his every human and civil right?

One morning I simply woke up and found out that I was a "security threat to Canada . . ." - with devastating implications.

Now from a legal point of view, it's getting interesting.

The United Nations insist that you can only be called a "Security threat" if you threaten the existence of an entire state. I had done no such thing. I had merely exercised my rights. Did my historical revisionism and Holocaust skepticism threaten the entire state of Canada?

In Canada, where I reside, the Bloc Quebecois, the French-Canadian Separatists, have threatened the existence of the Canadian state in that they want to split it up. They have agitated in public, in print, on television and radio to tear Canada asunder. They have not been called or treated as a security threat, yet they had millions of people vote for separation - which means the destruction of Canada as a state. I, a lone individual, however, with not a speck of wrong-doing on my record except false charges made by politically motivated opponents and the resultant malicious prosecution for nine years in Canadian courts, am now declared a "security threat"?

I am contacting every organization around the world dealing with human rights pertaining to Canadians and Germans that I can lay my hands on, hoping to move and inspire them to listen to me, the outcast German. When nations like Canada and Germany trample on and isolate the human and civil rights of individuals and citizens or residents, just because of their peacefully expressed ideas to state or official history, then they run counter to international treaties and conventions which they solemnly swore and signed to uphold.

What they are doing is morally wrong. It is legally wrong. It is contrary to the very International Law both countries have sworn to uphold by being signatories to a host of treaties that were designed to have the force of law. They were not promulgated to just look good on paper

Even though some of my friends and media pundits have told me repeatedly that I am dreaming, and some of my lawyers think likewise, I intend to test if these treaties have life - if they have veins and arteries through which genuine decency flows. I want to find out for myself if they are infused with a genuine will to power the global heart of human dignity so loftily proclaimed on paper and signed so solemnly by so many countries.

Remember I won't be alone. I will be watched. I have a name recognized the world over and friends in high places and low. I have already cut my teeth on granite - the German and Canadian courts. People without friends, connections or even an appreciation of genuine rights could understandably be overwhelmed and throw in the towel, simply despairing and suffering the indignities that have been thrown their way. I will do no such thing. I will not suffer in silence. If my opponents will not even be so fair as to reveal the nature of the threat to Canada I am supposed to pose, I will help them define just what ". . . a threat to national security" IS MEANT TO MEAN in International Law and among decent, law-abiding nations.

Consider my website the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral on which this story will be hammered for all the world to see. It has been done before by Martin Luther, who made these words immortal: "I am more afraid of my own heart than of the Pope and all his cardinals. I stand here. I can't help myself. So help me God!"
I stood in front of that Wittenberg church in 1990 displaying the Leuchter Report.

I stood in 1968 at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, and with my father's soldier boots I kicked against that wall and told myself, as the courageous reformer did five hundred years ago: "The murdering and thieving rabble will not stop me!"
There I stood - in this state whose people and destiny were connected so disastrously with Germany's fate. And there I made the vow to defend with all I had to give the interests of the German people. My folk. Regardless against whom. Or where.

That I would lift the curse of the Six Million Swindle.

I will expose the Canadian and German bureaucratic hirelings who violate my rights from now on at every turn to international public scrutiny. I will hold them accountable for every loathsome, contemptible act they commit in the name of a parasitic lobby against the people of my father's generation, my own and those who came and will come after me.

I am determined to fight for the full and complete rehabilitation of myself and my German ethnic group in the process. The world will have to get used to the idea that Germans are people, too, and that we expect to enjoy all - not just some! - of the human and civil rights of other peoples and races, as well as the protection of these human rights by tax supported international bodies.

My script won't be written by Marxists under the fear of arson, bombings and beatings. I am determined to wring and wrest from them and all others, who might well hold important functions at various national and international bodies including the United Nations, the cold realization that we, theGermans, have rights! We are now claiming them! Those rights include the sacred and inalienable right to express our viewpoint on our people's history. Unfettered. Anytime and anywhere. Without intimidation, terror and coercion.

In the process, I will undoubtedly flush out all kinds of bigots, hypocrites, two-faced, smooth-talking, phrase-twisting sophists - and so what? Like maggots, these sorry specimen infest all too many of the world's governmental and bureaucratic endeavors. I will remind them that they are public servants. They are not our Kings and Overlords.

The UN treaties and conventions exist. I and my comrades, of whom there are many, will make sure their meaning and their purpose are enforced. I am invoking them. I believe these treaties and conventions are like muscles. They atrophy and become weak and flabby unless somebody exercises them. Let it be known I will now exercise those muscles and give these treaties life - not just an ornamental function.

From now on, it's the Zundelsite against corruption on a global scale. You may expect updates on human rights violations in my native Germany as well as Canada and Israel to see how governmental bureaucrats and hirelings are stacking up in the field of Human Rights. We have seen precedents already which were not pretty precedents.

Let us be plain about it. China, Iraq and Iran have been the whipping boys for the Human Rights industry which has arisen like so many demons in the Western democracies. These agencies themselves have, all too often, deprived thousands of their residents and citizens of many of their human rights because these outfits have been devious and cunning - more devious and cunning in hiding violations than in exposing violations. These alleged "Human Rights" agencies are being stroked, groomed, coddled and abused by the powerful lobbies as tools to enslave men via "hate laws". There are enough of us who still remember Orwell's warning: "Imagine a boot on a human face. Forever."

The Internet - and people like you and I - will bypass all the lapdog media managers, news-twisters, information distorters, self-appointed censors and spin doctors in editorial and corporate offices and in the halls of government. Strip the sophisticated cover-ups away, and you will find, in essence, the same brutal censorship, repression, bureaucratic and judicial chicanery that you will find in Third World countries. At least the Ayatollah was more honest and upfront. And so was Chairman Mao. And those who followed him. They did not bother lying with elegance and sophistry. They did not corrupt language and meaning as it is being done in Tel Aviv. In Bonn. In Ottawa.

We have a chance to change all that. We the People. Through the Internet. Governments and hired bureaucrats fear this new electronic medium the way the Devil fears the Holy Water. And well they might! Here now speaks the Catacomb Media. With light and truth. And NOT with bombs and guns.

I will, from this day forward, alert the world community to the cunning, diabilical, crooked and disgusting ways and means employed by Canada, Germany and Israel in dealing with perfectly peaceful and legal dissent. I will ask: "Did Six Million Really Die?" until I have an answer good, honest people can respect and before which they do not have to genuflect.

Ernst Zündel

December 11, 1996