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The legendary LEUCHTER Reports:

Leuchter I
How it came about
Leuchter II
Leuchter III
Leuchter IV

Wish to learn more about Fred Leuchter?
See the documentary film about him: Put "The Rise and Fall of Fred" in a search engine. - As unveiling as his reports.

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The "Six Million" Numbers Game

Holocaust for dummies

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Did Six Million
Really Die?

Jews behind Stalin
(pictures only)

Forged Photos to demonize the Germans!

Western Allied concentration and death camps for German soldiers and civilians

Dr. Robert Faurisson's magnificent revisionist writings

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Carlos Porter:
The Travesty Called Nuremberg

The "Jewish soap" and "lampshade" lies

US Concentration camps for Japanese-, German- and Italian-Americans

Ernst Zündel, 1980

"Off Your Knees, Germany!"
In a Nutshell ...

Other interesting clips: An Ashkenazi Journalist, from
Occupied Palestine, interviews Zundel in 1998
Watch short clips from a 2 hour DVD:
Ernst Zundel exposes war criminal
Solomon Morrell

2:17 min.
"Why did Germany turn on the Jews?"
1:07 min.
"There was no Hitler order, no plan, no budget for the operation of killing the Jews."
1:37 min.
"Hitler was an organic outgrowth to Jewish behavior."
1:25 min.
"Jews have no_copyright_on_pain!"
1:04 min
"Over 5000 Jews still lived openly in Berlin at the end of the war."
2:02 min.
"I believe in Karma."
0:59 min
"I don't hate Jews. I dislike intensely their parasitic ..."
"Germany is not a cash cow for Israel."
9:03 min.

Ernst Zündel interviews David Cole
(full movie - 56 minutes)

Censorship is a Jewish issue Jews are running out of Nazis to hunt Punching somebody out is not the answer
Jews need Jew haters How Jews can identify market share Holocaust Jewish pressure tactics
It is suicidal to oppose the Holocaust Lobby Jews need Ernst Zündel to kick around  

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Ernst Zundel -- the painter

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Ernst's Prison Art -
translated into a beautiful tapestry...

Ernst Zundel -- the truthseeking revisionist

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A 40 years struggle -
to restore the honor of the German people.

Ernst Zundel -- the political prisoner and martyr

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Ernst Zundel
jailed for more than 7 years
in the USA, Canada and Germany
just for speaking the truth...

Other revisionist victims of the haters
of freedom of speech and the truth

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Other truthseekers
have suffered or are suffering

More urgent than ever:
!!! Travelers' Alert !!!
There is no freedom of speech in Germany today!

(There is only freedom for PC-grovel.)

Germany's Holocaust Dogma Enforcers
kidnap and imprison Holocaust Skeptics
at the behest of the Zionist Lobby!

Shame on Germany for their detested Holocaust Lobby Protection Paragraph (Paragraph 130) imprisoning revisionist researchers for "thought crimes"!

Weg mit dem verabscheuten deutschen Gesetz zum Schutz der Holocaust-Lobby (§130), mißbraucht zur Inhaftierung von Revisionisten wegen "Gedankenverbrechen"!!!
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Paul Rassinier:
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Make no mistake, the fight for freedom of speech and truth goes on!