3rd Leuchter Report

 1.000 PURPOSE.

The purpose of this report, and the inspection upon which it is based, is to verbally and graphically demonstrate the design requirements and construction requirements and operational protocol and the personnel safety requirements of an execution gas chamber which utilizes hydrogen cyanide (Zyklon B) gas for the execution of one or more condemned prisoners.

This report is intended as, and in fact does, support and corroborate the design and construction criteria defined in "The Leuchter Report" of April 5, 1988. (See paragraph 2.001 for correct name.) Because of the broad acceptance and use of "The Leuchter Report" in Europe and throughout the world, and a widespread demand for information and documentation on the only existing gas execution facilities, found only in the United States, Ernst Zundel commissioned this report. The information concerning the design and construction criteria on gas chambers and their operational protocol contained in this report is intended for use by all scholars so that they may determine for themselves the impossibility of the existence of the alleged German (Nazi) Gas Chambers which are purported to be, or purported to have been, in various locations throughout German occupied Europe.

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