3rd Leuchter Report


The reader of this report should be able to immediately grasp the necessity for the utilization of these tried and tested principles for a lethal gas chamber design. Most of them are common sense. Even though the execution requirements only existed in the United States, we can immediately see that the Germans utilized these criteria in the design and construction of the DEGESCH Delousing Chambers for Zyklon B. These were used only for pest and disease control.

9.001 If the readers of this report simply apply these basic common sense design requirements to the alleged German Homicidal Gas Chambers in Poland, or elsewhere, they can immediately see the absurdity of considering these facilities as being gas chambers. It has been said that the United States chambers cannot be compared with the alleged German chambers because the problems encountered in executing two people are different from those encountered in executing hundreds. Not so. The problems are essentially the same, only greater and more dangerous. The larger the chamber and the greater the number of executees, the greater is the need to apply the basic design principles. Only a fool would attempt to execute one or more persons in a cold damp morgue such as the alleged Gas Chamber at Auschwitz I. Perhaps a dead fool.

Prepared this 6th day of December, 1989 at Malden, Massachusetts.

Fred A Leuchter Associates, Inc.


Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.

Expert in Execution Technology


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