4th Leuchter Report

18.000 Chapter 2.

Krematorium 1 or the "old crematorium" of the main camp (Auschwitz Stammlager). This is a history of Krema I at Auschwitz proper. It is interesting but of little value. Pressac feels that the alleged gas chamber was utilized only briefly as a learning instrument, the first alleged gassing occurring on 3 September 1941 in the basement of Block 11. Krema I was used as a crematory from November 1940 until July 1943 and allegedly used as a gas chamber, sporadically, from the end of 1941 to 1942. In 1943 it was completely abandoned and dismantled.

18.001 Krema I could never have been utilized as a gas chamber because it was too cold, contained the crematory, was never gas-proof and had no means for introducing or utilizing the gas. (See "An Engineering Report on the Alleged Gas Chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek, Poland." by this author, 1988.)

18.002 Pressac improperly claims that my Report (above) proves that this facility was used for gassings. Mr. Pressac knows better.

18.003 It should be noted that a recent study by the Polish Forensics Institute has confirmed my findings of no gas residue at the alleged Auschwitz Gas Chamber. (See Appendix I.)

18.004 It appears that a new crematory was planned for Auschwitz but was finally built at Birkenau as Kremas II and III. Krema I was subsequently used as a bomb shelter.

18.005 There is a wealth of documents and blueprints here and one, in particular, (Bauleitung drawing # 4287b) (pg. # 157) confirms the drains are commoned with those of the main camp sewer system. (Illustration 5)

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