4th Leuchter Report

21.000 Chapter 7.

Krematorien IV and V. Plans, construction and general study. This chapter deals with the construction of Kremas IV and V. Until 1980, little was known about these facilities. This is a history of the construction of these buildings. The following points are of interest.

  1. These facilities were not built as execution facilities, but as cheap crematories, the cost of Kremas II and III proving too high for a war poor Germany.
  2. Stoves were not to sublimate gas but to heat the building.
  3. The drains were connected into the main sewers. (Illustration 13)
  4. Room layout prohibits use as gas execution facility. Since ventilation was by natural convection and outside air, any shift in wind direction could contaminate the staff areas. Only a fool would design or use this facility for HCN.
  5. Alleged gas-port windows were for morgue ventilation.
  6. Polish resistance photos show only cremations, no gassings.
  7. In photo # 33 (page 427) Pressac talks of special SMOOTH HEAD bolts used on window shutters. These are carriage bolts, designed to be used on wood and utilized everywhere. Mr. Pressac is unfamiliar with simple woodworking hardware. (Illustration 9)

21.001 Kremas IV and V were not built for, nor were they used as, gas execution facilities.

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