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Brief comment on the canceled Euro Conference

For those who still think that this country is free and run by Whites, consider this story.

A conference was held in Memphis, TN on the weekend of November 8. I attended. The conference was called "2008 European American International Conference." The subject of the conference was the future of the White race world-wide. Reasons for concern are many. Some are:  White populations are decreasing worldwide, non-White immigrants are moving into White nations on a large scale, discrimination now exists against Whites in many countries, etc.

In the past when they have tried to hold a conference, as the time for the conference approached the hotel would cancel it, claiming that they were threatened. Those who made the threat would tell them that other conferences would not use their hotel if a pro-White organization met there.

This year, to prevent that, they called their conference "Environmental Awareness Conference." However, four days before the conference was to be held, someone called the hotel and threatened to kill the manager, his wife and his children if he did not cancel the conference.

The manager quit his job. The hotel called the Sheriff. The Sheriff declared it an "emergency." Based on that, the hotel felt they could cancel the conference without being liable. They canceled it.  

Postponing the conference at that late date was not practical since so many of the attendees had plane tickets.

Someone knew a person in the County who had a large house and grounds. He said they could meet there, even if they had to meet outside. However, before they could come, he called and told them they could not come because the Sheriff was at his house and said no one could enter. The County commissioners then met and passed a resolution that no conferences of any kind could be held in the County. This would prevent them from moving to another location, if they found one.

Eventually they found another meeting room in an adjacent county and met there, but each attendee had to find his own hotel room. The conference asked the attendees not to leave the room once they were in because it would be hard to kick them all out. However, if they left the room, they could lock the doors and keep them out if the hotel was threatened. The conference was also shortened from two days to one, because it was thought the hotel would not let them in the second day.

This is supposed to be American, the land of the free.  Not any more.

Gordon Bakken