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An Open Letter to the embedded Journalists in this world

By Ingrid Zündel

Dear Journalist

On February 15, 2007, after a lengthy political show trial on German soil that might leave Comrade Stalin grinning in his grave, Ernst Zundel was convicted to five years’ incarceration for “Holocaust Denial” based on what is known in the vernacular as the “Holocaust Protection Paragraph” or “Hexenparagraph” in German parlance.

I am Ernst Zundel’s wife. You will allow me a few words for you to take to heart.

The Judge in Ernst Zundel’s case was in an unenviable position. As a jurist trained in the principles of democratic jurisprudence, he knew three basic tenets of his trade:

First, one has to hear both sides before a sentence can be imposed.

Second, while one might disagree or even fight an opinion one considers harmful, it cannot be criminalized, and

Third: Judges have be neutral and only beholden to what they know about law in order to pass judgment fairly.

By contrast, Dr. Ulrich Meinerzhagen acted like the proverbial bear with a nosering in his nostrils dancing on a bed of hot coals:

On trial day January 12, 2007, Juge Meinerzhagen conceded “with regret” that no forensic reports exist to prove any Holocaust gas chambers.

On trial day February 2, 2007, Judge Meinerzhagen declared that the precise numbers of Holocaust victims could never be established. Judge Meinerzhagen declared that the Holocaust victims might amount to one million, but that it was impossible at this time to establish a definitive number.

On trial day February 9, 2007, Meinerzhagen confirmed that in cases under para. 130 of the German penal code, evidence in favor of the defendant was not permitted ("Beweisverbot"). “Der Holocaust ist offenkundig!”

Judge Meinerzhagen is wrong on point one, half-right on point two, and dead-on on point three.

Regarding Point 1. At least two extensive forensic examinations exist. The first is called the Leuchter Report, commissioned by Ernst Zundel in 1988. Fred Leuchter was America’s star execution equipment expert who had designed gas chambers himself for the execution of convicted murderers. When he visited Auschwitz, he did not find what he had come to find. Leuchter’s findings were backed up by a second, more in-depth, forensic examination, known globally as the Rudolf Report. These two crucial reports were further refined by numerous ancillary investigations - all verifying that that genocidal gas chambers in German concentration camps, allegedly installed for the elimination of “undesirables”, in fact have never existed. They are the figment of a feverish imagination of a politically expedient victimhood.

Regarding Point 2. Judge Meinerzhagen has speculated openly that the “six million” number of victims is likely wrong – he mentioned one million - but that the exact number can never be established. He’s half-right only - a little effort might. There’s Arolsen, for instance. There’s Fritjof Meyer’s essay. There are the Russian archives, ever more open to serious research. Any number of serious researchers have for years debunked the “six million.” But more to the point: The judge himself is “denying” five millions. Right in a German court room he, too, has “minimized” the Holocaust. Why, then, is he not in jail?

Regarding Point 3: Judge Meinerzhagen has repeatedly invoked the Offenkundig mantra - that Paragraph 130 of the German penal code does not allow any evidence in favor of the defendant. Nix. Nada. Nyet. Does that not make him squirm? Not a single forensic or documentary evidence was allowed to be introduced by the Zundel Defense, nor was a single expert witness. And this was not a Hexenprozeß? A modern witch trial that is a disgrace for Germany?

The question next presents itself: How is it that Ernst Zundel, a man with not a speck of criminal wrong-doing on his name on the American Continent where he has spent his life since he was 19 years of age, would end up in a German prison to receive a harsher treatment than might a child molester?

Here is a lead for you as journalists. The Western countries are presently looking at the background of a handful of extraordinary rendition victims – Khaled el Masri and Murat Kurnaz in Germany, Maher Arar in Canada. These innocents were kidnapped, imprisoned, and tortured – and Western governments watched these injustices with jaded eyes. It is our claim, backed up by some 150 lbs of documentary evidence, that Ernst Zundel was, likewise, an extraordinary rendition victim – snatched up by American law enforcement officials acting as hit squads for the nefarious Holocaust Lobby to silence him once and for all.

Why? Ask yourself why. Inform yourself why.

Could it not be that the professionally bewailed “Holocaust” by every politician, protected fiercely from scrutiny by a protection paragraph, might be the cash cow that sustains the State of Israel? I’m asking. It is for you as journalists to dig for, and to broadcast, the truth.

You, too, are a “believer” of the “Holocaust”? You are not sitting in church in order to “believe”! Your duty is not to help legalized lying. Your sacred job is not to regurgitate dogma that no one can touch. Your job is to ferret out factual information as a basis for informed decision by a people living in democracy. You are entrusted by your conscience to tell your readership the truth about your government. Dip your pen into the blackest ink – you will not fall into your ink pot. The Holocaust – if it, indeed, occurred – is verifiable. Let’s verify the Holocaust – or else, let’s throw this monstrous hoax that bleeds your country dry with unearned reparations into the garbage bin of history once and for all where it belongs!

I am pleading for your cooperation in helping me free an innocent man who is locked up because the chose to speak the truth as he found it.

Two American film companies are presently vetting this story. They plan to come to Germany to track this cover-up. It seems to me that it behooves the German media to take a second look at why Ernst Zundel is in prison, deprived of his constitutionally guaranteed freedom – and ponder if it could be possible that the same fate is likely to befall the many cowed, intimidated journalists who still think that silence is gold.

Let me quote Solzhenitsyn, one of my favorite writers, a man who has endured brutality in prison as few of us could imagine:

“We have to condemn publicly the very idea that some people have the right to repress others. In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand-fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are ripping the foundation of justice from beneath new generations.”

Or, more prosaically, speaking with Winston Churchill: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile – hoping it will eat him last.”



Ingrid Rimland