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"Denier" is Yiddish for "Leper"

A friend recently chided me gently for caving in to the smear words our enemies are throwing at us – as though they were legitimate descriptions of who we are and what we do and stand for. Why call myself a “Holocaust Denier”? What’s wrong with using “researcher”, “scholar”, “investigator”, “academic” and so on? Why play in the enemies’ sandbox?

My friend has a point. We do have those – a small, scattered crew, to be sure – who have come up with sterling results that qualify them to call themselves legitimate researchers and call a hoax a hoax. I am married to one. I am content, however, to call myself a cynic.

Like practically everybody on this earth, I started out believing in our enemies’ version of Auschwitz. I soon become a cynic because I have a brain and a website that quickly become the Number One target world-wide because it asked a simple question: “Did Six Million Really Die?” But, no, I am no “researcher” in a strict sense simply because I had other priorities, talents, and obligations that left no time, money, or energy to do proper revisionist research. I do have many honorable friends, however, who can lay legitimate claim to those titles – who carved out for themselves a revisionist niche - who are not some low-life “Deniers” but scholars, academics, researchers, investigators whose findings can be scrutinized and whose results can hold a candle anytime and any day to the shrieking and yammering Tribe - who have nothing to show for their claims.

As Dr. Faurisson has simplified the matter, neatly: “No holes, no Holocaust!” And, lately, Bradley Smith: “One [gassed] body, with proof.” We’re holding our breath! We’re waiting!

But truth be told – most of us are not aficionados of exactitude. We simple do not have the wherewithall or maybe even interest to dig into the nitty-gritty of the Hoax. I like to say you do not need to eat a sheep to know what mutton tastes like. It’s very simple, really: Ye shall know them by their deeds – or should I say, their shrieks?!

What convinced me and many others to take up the banner for Truth in History is not some impeccably footnoted treatise but to have become a target of an excessively filthy campaign of vilification and demonization unleashed on a perfectly sobering question: Did Six Million Really Die?

I’m asking. So far, there is no answer! Exactly Nada. Zero. Zilch.

There is a lot of evidence, however that, NO, Six Million Didn’t Die, at least not in any gas chambers in Auschwitz or elsewhere, for that matter! As David Irving so smoothly pointed out, more people died in the back seat of Senator Kennedy’s car than ever died in a gas chamber in Auschwitz!

There is, of course, nothing wrong with “denying” something that didn’t exist – that was fabricated out of thin air in the hysterics of a fratricidal war and criminally grafted onto a defenseless people’s backs in the throes of those desperate days of post-war survival. I have no trouble “denying” the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny - mini-hoaxes foisted on gullible children. So - don’t you shriek at me! Don’t call me names! Don’t act as if I have some communicable disease – I am a perfectly honorable, highly educated, responsibly acting citizen of the United States of America with not a speck of muck and grime on MY conduct - which is more than can be said about YOU!

I call YOU the Yammerer, the Shrieker, a Denier of Human Rights, a Denier of Common Decency, a Denier of Fair Play, a shamelessly bullying Denier of my Right to Live my Life my Way!

This is a very small part of a speech I have made many times in my heart to despicable hoaxers prancing among us in the cloaks of Human Rights – denying all that’s right and fair and reasonable - such as the ADL, for instance, that stole my own biographical write-up, gave it the heading “Extremist!” and proceeded to poison the well!

To call somebody a “Denier” does not prove anything except that the accuser has no argument and tries to bully you! Such labels of demonization are a devastating tactic of war employed by a shrill handful of smearfinks! As one of my very small circle of Jewish supporters once wrote: “Just call yourself a Holocaust Denier – and then stand back and watch!”

That vile tactic works – no argument there! It rides on bluff and chutzpah. And since it works, and since most decent people, reacting to smears by a natural reflex, habitually scurry for cover, denying the denier’s charge as though it had any force at all except that which is cowardly ceded, it is tempting to carve out one’s very own niche and become top dog in a world full of rabbits by using a smear that always, always works and doesn’t cost a penny. Even a halo gets thrown into the deal.

That’s why we now have Global Warming Deniers, Multicult Blessings Deniers, Israel-Firster Deniers – and, lately, Tax Deniers.

Which brings me to my point:

A friend of a friend is in trouble. My friend asked me to steer my kinds of friends in her own friend’s direction for moral and maybe financial support because he is facing a trial. He has written a book the Bullying Tribe doesn’t like, and now the smear campaign has begun.

For my own peace of mind I want to stress that I don’t know a thing about this man or his political/social/financial campaign – he could be right or wrong; I have my own trench warfare! But of course the label is a very big tip-off right there. Somebody who attracted to himself “Denier!” shrieks has touched a raw nerve somewhere! Now he needs help, and I promised my friend I would steer my own listserve in her friend’s direction to check out his case and make up their minds for themselves.

My friend – let’s call her Debbie – put it this way:

“I called you the other day to tell you about income-tax guru Pete Hendrickson, whom they are trying to ensnare in the equivalent of a Holocaust trial. Pete needs publicity on some big shows very soon, and I have contacted Alex Jones on his behalf, as well as another GCN host. Could you alert [your connection] to have Pete on as soon as possible, as he reads and respond to your emails? (…) Pete does not realize he is in for a Shoa trial. He thinks with the right attorneys he can ‘knock it out of the park’."

My heart goes out to Pete. Pete will soon learn what’s waiting in the wings. And so will many who could turn into sympathizers – or shriekers, all depending. At any case, this fight will be worth watching and, I would guess, supporting. Pete's website is His cell number is 248/766-0352 and his email is

As I have stressed above, I do not know this fellow and have not read his books. I predict that the label will stick unless he finds friends who will help him to win - on HIS merits. My guess is he is in for the fight of his life. These smears are very hard to deal with – they stick like superglue! However, let us not forget – there’s more of US than THEM!

Support Pete if his case strikes a chord and if you have the means and the connections - because as early as tomorrow, you too could be called a Denier. Who will stick up for YOU? Remember, they first came for Holocaust Denier Zundel…