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Jan. 29, 2009

Abrahamovicz to the Rescue!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Courage is always contagious. The sight of one human
being standing alone against a mob or a crowd often inspires others, in
spite of threats and insults from the majority. In the Western heritage
particularly, this is seen as a hallmark of nobility.

In an autumn afternoon, long ago, my maternal grandfather came into a
room where the television was broadcasting a college football game. One
of his friends asked him, "Which team are you rooting for, Joe?" Not
being familiar with either team that day, my grandfather replied, "Which
one is the underdog?" and that would be the team he rooted for.

In the past week, Bishop Richard Williamson has faced more pressure than
most human beings encounter in a lifetime. He has been silenced and
humiliated by his superiors, and banned from the cathedrals and churches
of Germany. Throughout this ordeal he has refused to recant his views
about execution gas chambers. As is often the case, this defiant
'underdog' has in turn inspired other human beings who despise
bullying, and are suspicious of consensus realities fomented by howling mobs
certain of their omniscience, and emboldened by the sense that their
behavior is approved by popes and rabbis (actually here one should
perhaps say, "papal-rabbis and regular rabbis," since certain popes have
acted as crypto-rabbis, rather than as St. Peter would).

The good news is that Bishop Williamson now has company, in the form of
another outspoken priest of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX;
"Lefebvrist" in the jargon of newchurch), by the significant name of
Floriano Abrahamowicz, himself of Judaic descent.

Rev. Abrahamowicz is an independent thinker, not at all didactic, an
agnostic on the subject of the dogma we are all forced to believe
--homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz-- and a man willing to think
outside the box. His remarks (see below) are refreshing in their belief
in the right to question man-made dogmas rendered sacred by tyrants
posing as progressives.

The Establishment media, including in particular the media of the Novus
Ordo Catholic Church, are so biased they write mendacious headlines even
after the subject of the headline has corrected them. Hence, the false
accusation "...questions (the) Holocaust" in the headline from the
National Catholic Reporter newspaper.

These sly scribblers think they are getting away with their deception,
taking advantage of the Orwellian "Holocaust" Newspeak which has
been imposed on the question of the gas chambers, to make it appear that in
questioning ONE DETAIL of the history of World War II, the informed
skeptic is in fact a madman who questions the WHOLE HISTORY of World War

They cannot afford to omit their pet "Holocaust" word lest people
focus on the issue at hand: there is not one single autopsy report showing
that a single person was "gassed in Auschwitz." Not one! When asked at
the 1985 show-trial in Toronto of publisher Ernst Zundel, to produce
scientific evidence of homicidal gasings, Norman Finkelstein's hero, Dr.
Raul Hilberg, the dean of American "Holocaust" historians, told the
court, "I'm at a loss."

This dearth of scientific evidence of executions by gas, most ably
documented by the imprisoned Max Planck chemist Germar Rudolf
(, is the focus of the revisionists,
not a so-called "Holocaust" (a word which was neologistically imposed
on this field of study circa 1967), which can mean anything from innocent
Judaic civilians cruelly forced into concentration camps (true) and shot
in large numbers on the Eastern front (also true), to Elie Wiesel's aunt
being made into a lampshade (false) and Rudolf Vrba seeing death by
gassings in Auschwitz (also false, as this "infallible eyewitness"
reluctantly admitted under Zundel defense attorney Doug Christie's
cross-examination in Toronto).

Holocaustianity must traffic in generalities, received opinion and
hysteria to maintain its cachet. Revisionism is concerned with specifics
and exactitude, according to the same standards of empirical skepticism
deemed appropriate in all other historical inquiries, as applied to all
other atrocity claims, as for example the current evasion by Israeli
officials of war crimes charges in Gaza, an evasion considered quite
respectable by the very same media that mock and deride those who cast
doubt on a gas chamber tale that has transmogrified its narrative and
its architecture numerous times since 1944.

--Michael Hoffman |