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Seven Years Behind Bars:
Anniversary of Ernst Zundel's Arrest

To all –

Allegedly, in just a few weeks, on March 1, 2010, Europe’s best-known political prisoner and my husband, Ernst Zundel, is scheduled to be released from prison.  In an emotional telephone conversation with him yesterday, he told me that he is entering the most dangerous phase of his life yet – that the “restrictions” on him will be “Draconian.”  I leave it up to you to read into that what you will. 

For one, we take it for granted that, at the very least, he will not be allowed a passport, which means he cannot travel anywhere outside the largely Zionist-controlled EU.  Since I cannot join him for various reasons, private and political, this means that for the time being, our marriage will have to be “on hold.”

This morning I was sent an excellent, a bit outdated summary of what the Zundel Struggle is really all about.  Even though I dislike just being sent a link, in this case I will make an exception and send you one because this article is well-written and graphically beautifully organized and lends itself to hard copy and cyber reproduction.  Please post it far and wide.

There are plans, of course, to wrestle Ernst away from his tormentors, of which you will hear more in weeks and months to come.  If you can afford to join our struggle financially,  please let me know, and I will put you on our Power Letter list which goes out once a month.  However, this letter goes only to active supporters who take this struggle seriously and understand what it takes to succeed.

Please do not reply to this email – instead, write me a short note, send me your snail mail address if you care, and send it to

I thank you in advance.

Ingrid Zündel