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Ernst Zundel, a political prisoner, a "thought criminal", the first man renditioned in chains from the United States, is free. He was imprisoned for his thoughts, by a German government in chains, Israeli chains. He is free again. Paul Fromm's eloquent account follows:


Open Letter to Just Released
Political Prisoner, Ernst Zündel

Lieber Ernst:

First, hearty congratulations on being released yesterday as a political prisoner incarcerated by what you so rightly call the German Òvassal state.Ó The soulless descendants of men whose boots they are not fit to even lick extracted the full term of their 5-year sentence imposed upon you for being a heretic.

It is almost five years to the day since I was called to the Metro West Detention Centre where you had been kept in solitary confinement for 25 months Ð confinement usually reserved for the most dangerous of criminals. This treatment was what one might expect from the sorry hypocritical Canadian state that loves to wag its finger and preach human rights but is as comfortable as its Red Chinese pals in jailing dissenters or gagging the Internet. In some ways, though, Ernst, your ideas, your dissent from the new religion of holocaust, was more dangerous to our political establishment and the minority puppeteers than the activities of a gunman, rapist, or armed robber.

JB and I went around to the prison to collect boxes of your correspondence reflecting the hundreds of devoted people around the globe who had written to you to support and encourage you in prison.

We learned that you had been sneaked on a private jet Ð which government paid for that ? Ð surreptitiously (ÒsecurityÓ reasons, you know) Ð to be sent back to Germany to face charges for Internet postings legally made in North America. The extraterritorial claim of jurisdiction, of course, didnÕt trouble CanadaÕs highly politicized courts and they had blithely consigned you to a kangaroo trial and certain jail in Germany.

So, Ernst, we go back a long time. The Canadian Association for Free Expression did its modest part to help publicize your various cases going back to 1985 and the ludicrous Òfalse newsÓ charges for which you were twice prosecuted. Later we joined as an intervenor in the Canadian Human Rights CommissionsÕ Sec. 13 ÒInternetÓ hate charges, a case that went on from 1996 to 2002.

In todayÕs TORONTO SUN (March 2, 2010), Mark Bonokoski, unable to act as anything from a hate-spewing voice for his ethnic groupÕs lobby called you a Òrat.Ó The headline reported on the Canadian Jewish Congress website charged: ÒRat let out of his cage.Ó Years ago, we called you the ÒGalileo of Revisionism.Ó A rat is vicious and secretive. You have always been friendly and up front in the 70s and 80s in your defence of the rights of German parents not to have their ethnic group defamed and vilified in schools, and later in your skepticism about the new state religion of holocaust.

Ultimately, you were punished, not because the facts and research you adduced to question the claims and assertions of the new religion were false, but because you had questioned at all. Many, probably you included, felt that the extravagant claims of German wrongdoing Ð the vehemence of which increased with each year as WW II receded into history Ð were matters of historical or scientific facts misreported or wrong. You sought to shed the light of research and statistics on these claims That was not allowed. One is not allowed to question or discuss what is called Òthe holocaustÓ because it is not a historical event. It is a religion, a religion that has all but become the state religion in most of what was once called Òthe Free World.Ó You were not punished because you got the facts wrong Ð you didnÕt. You were punished because you were a heretic, because you refused to say that Ooga Booga, he with three purple horns, lived up on top of the mountain, was god and should be adored.

Thus, like Galileo, you refused to assent to foolish superstition or state imposed belief and sought to see what facts, eyewitnesses and forensics had to tell us of the events of WW II.

We honour you and rejoice in your release from prison and pray and strive for the day when you enjoy real freedom and we in Canada and even more your countrymen in super repressive Germany enjoy freedom of thought and freedom of expression which are our rights. Ð

Paul Fromm, Director,