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March 9, 2010

To all –

The essay below was written from a German/European point of view, but its advice certainly fits the struggle in other democratic countries.  I am not posting the author’s name so as not to cause him additional grief. The German original is posted on numerous websites.


On Swatting Midges with Sledgehammers

Translated by J M Damon


Let me begin with some observations about Conspiracy, which can lead to the end of Democracy and the Government of Laws.  Conspiracy is a symptom of a decaying State.  In a functioning democracy with freedom and diversity of opinion, only outlaws are attracted to conspiratorial practices.  In a democracy, the citizenry has no need of them.

Underground criminal activities, even when highly organized, do not necessarily constitute Conspiracy.  Thus the highly profitable traffic in cocaine, East European prostitutes and other crimes in which Michel Friedman [the former head of the Jewish Central Committee] was engaged, did not qualify as Conspiracy because of the absence of political goals.

A Conspiracy must have political goals, even if these goals are not revolution and overthrow of government.  We recall that in the former DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik or German Democratic Republic), Conspiracy meant Republikflucht, that is, fleeing a repressive regime.

Today, in the equally repressive BRD (Federal Republic of Germany), Conspiracy is necessary in order to combat state propaganda and rescue the last vestiges of the German soul.  Nowadays one cannot even participate in political gatherings without engaging in Conspiracy.

The present regime uses conspiratorial methods in order to suppress forbidden opinions.  In the struggle against proscribed opinions, its battle cry is  “Kampf gegen Rechts” (Fight the Right) accompanied by massive falsification of history.

Today most Germans would be surprised to learn that not a single Jew has been deported to Auschwitz since 1944 and synagogues have been built rather than demolished since the Allies stopped their carpet-bombings of German cities.
The “terrible anti-Semitism” (schreckliche Antisemitismus), against which the “Kampf gegen Rechts” is so ruthlessly conducted, consists of opinions that might displease certain Jews, in the opinion of those whose job it is to control opinion.

Today the number of “left-wing” acts of violence is more than ten times the number of “right-wing” acts of violence.  Right-wing offenders are publicly pilloried, with judges and prosecutors urged to pronounce the most severe punishments possible against them.  Left-wing crimes, by contrast, are treated under a cloak of silence, with judges and prosecutors urged to exercise the greatest leniency possible.  The result is that right-wing offenders inevitably land in jail whereas left-wing offenders are “punished” with a few hours of community service.

Every swastika-painting by inebriated youths is amplified into a sensational right-wing crime of “wanton destruction of property with evil intent.”  By contrast, when groups of left-wingers set fire to automobiles that they consider evidence of excessive wealth, such incidents are considered unworthy of mention.

I personally experienced that an anonymous denouncer’s email message was enough to throw a village mayor into a panic and cause him to forbid a political meeting at a sports club (he threatened to withold public funds from the club).
Yet I never distribute weapons in my lectures or advocate civil war or even suggest burning automobiles.  Had I been an Islamic hatemonger, the village mayor would have visited my lecture and introduced me with the warmest of greetings and rosy descriptions of the “overwhelming success of integration” and “understanding between peoples.”

The differences between present day “Antifa” (Anti-fascists) and the old SA (Sturmabteilung) lie in the SA’s clean uniforms, disciplined conduct and governmental intolerance of the SA.  Furthermore, in contrast to the assaults by Communist fighting bands eighty years ago, nobody is shooting at Antifa, which is notorious for shooting opponents with paintball guns and hurling cobblestones and Molotov cocktails.

It must be scant consolation for a burning police officer to know that the Heroes of the Left have set him afire in order to protect their cherished concepts of Freedom and Democracy from the Right!  Hermann Göring is famous for proclaiming, “It is for me to decide who is a Jew,” whereas every Leftist activist decides for himself who is a “Right-Winger” and therefore free game.

Conspiracies developed very early into art forms.  The goal of every Conspiracy is to elude state control.  Such controls have always existed - even Great King Xerxes employed a “secret service.”  The usual popular image of a conspiracy is a gathering in a smoke-filled back room of a beer joint to which only members of a secret society are allowed.  An indispensable part of this picture is also the government spy, who is either sitting unobtrusively among the conspirators or somewhere out of sight, eavesdropping and frantically taking notes.

The time-honored Conspiracy also keeps membership lists, presents lectures, coordinates activities, disburses money, and sometimes collects protection money or “revolutionary taxes.”  This kind of conspiratorial organization is much too visible, however.  If the Opposition – that is, the State – gets hold of the membership lists, the entire organization is wiped out.

The least secure conspiratorial organization is the Political Party, since a Party has to have a constitution, articles, etc. that are known to the State.  Parties also conduct correspondence with their subordinate groupings as well as individual members.  In addition, party dues are deducted from income taxes and must therefore be revealed to the tax collector.  Political parties are the regime’s favorite form of conspiratorial organization because they can easily be infiltrated and monitored from within.  This practice is far from new: consider that a veteran of World War I named Adolf Hitler was planted as a spy in the German Workers Party!  [Ed. Comment:  Not sure that this is true.  I have never heard of it before!]

The next best form for a Conspiracy, from the regime’s point of view, is a “Political Movement.”  When I casually mention that organizing a Party is not a good idea, I am often reminded that a “Movement” would be much better.  In order for a Movement to actually move anything, however, it requires effective leadership, and this implies assuming all the disadvantages of a Party.

A conspiratorial Movement consists of Cells complete with chains of communication and a layered hierarchy.  The Cell structure looks like this: Each Cell has six to twelve members who meet clandestinely in the famous back room or else in someone’s apartment.  Each member of this Cell also belongs to a subordinate Undercell whose members are known to him alone.  This Undercell is likewise a Cell having its own Undercells.  This way, every member of the Conspiracy is personally acquainted with only twenty or so other members, but communication is maintained through a chain.  Nine levels of such Cells would include the entire Federal Republic, while eleven levels would include the entire world.

However, it is as difficult to create such an organization as it is to destroy it.  If members could be recruited by placing ads in the newspaper classified section, the task of organizing would be faster and easier, and the Government could advertise for snitches as well.  But if a years-long acquaintanceship is required for membership in a Cell, it is indeed difficult for to infiltrate the organization.

I agree that such Cell-based conspiratorial movements have their attractions.  Who  would not be proud to secretly assist in building a better world?  Such movements already exist, since organizations like Freemasons and Scientology make use of similar conspiratorial techniques.  The latter are particularly persistent: for 23 years they have been stuffing my mailboxes, while I in turn stuff the recycle bins, all because I was once careless enough to buy a book from them.

The Hammer vs. the Midge

If we imagine the State as a heavy Hammer, say a sledehammer, we can get a picture of what a real Conspiracy looks like.  In this picture a conspiratorial Party would be a carefully stacked tea service ready to be smashed with a single blow of the Hammer.

A Movement, by contrast, would be a large number of mocca cups or whiskey glasses hidden throughout your apartment.
None of the cups or glasses has a chance once it is discovered, but the Hammer-swinger will probably be exhausted before he finds them all.

From our point of view, the ideal form that a Conspiracy can take is that of a Swarm of Midges.  Taken individually these pestiferous little creatures are just a millimeter long and quite harmless, but as a Swarm they are formidable.

The Hammer is a very formidable weapon against an individual midge.  Swing it hard and fast, and obviously no midge can withstand a blow from a Hammer.  That is, if one is able to hit it.  In the process of conducting a Hammer-war war on Midges the whole kitchen get reduced to rubble, along with living room furnishings and the entire bathroom.  Does this picture suggest anything to you?  It should, because it is an accurate image of what is happening in Germany right now. 

Merkel’s Germany is smashing midges with a Hammer-cudgel, the most primitive weapon known to man.  In the process she has destroyed all the furnishings of a legitimate State, every vestige of democracy and the rule of law.

For our charming lady Chancellor, given her background and coming-of-age in the old DDR, such abstractions as Democracy and the Rule of Law are totally insignificant.  She has taken us back to Honecker, back to Ulbricht, back to the cozy days of Joseph Stalin.  No matter whether it be “Fascist,” “Counterrevolutionary” or “anti Semite” – as long as our opponents can create and project an image of an enemy against which demagogues can incite the masses, everything is as it should be, as far as they are concerned.
When Shimon Peres demands of the German Parliament “for the sake of civilization” that 90-year-old men “receive their just punishment,” it reminds us of his fellow religionist Ilja Ehrenburg demanding “kill, kill, kill!” along with the mass raping of women and the beastly murder of children – just because they were German. 

John Demjanjuk is another midge in the process of being smashed by our Hammer of State.  As always, a great deal of porcelain is being smashed, regardless of the propaganda lies spread by the media.

Do you remember Alois Mannichl?  That was the police officer who was stuck with a cake knife.  His injury turned out to be quite harmless, but it was greatly exaggerated by the media.   Then the hunt was on for “neo Nazis” with tell-tale tattoos whom nobody knew and who could never be found.  They finally arrested several young men who were “suspected of assisting” the attackers, but they all had alibis and had to be released without charges.   In that case the Mannichl-Hammer did not even squash its midge, although it pulverized the potty in the bathroom.  This is precisely how Conspiracy functions.

Is Conspiracy dangerous?  Of course it is!  So far the full force of the Hammer has not struck me personally, although I did receive a glancing blow that knocked the wind out of me  for a while.  But I survived – it was just part of the daily hazards we all face.  Others have taken more risks and have been hit harder than I.  There are much more reprehensible judges than the ones I had; I just took my chances and kept on going.  To me it is less important to die a heroic death than to keep on doing what has to be done in order to get through the present crisis.  To those who criticize me for not being a hero, I say that I am not holding them back from being one!

Whether birds, fish or midges, a Swarm has no tangible form.  It can change direction and advance or retreat at any time.  Each individual in the Swarm is swimming or flying on his own, yet all are all striving toward the same goal.  In a Swarm there is no leading bird, no leading fish, no leading midge.  Whether the Swarm loses one or a hundred members, it continues its movement.  Since it has no organization, its organization cannot be destroyed.

The image that most people have of a successful Organization is that of a military column.  Column right, march!  Left, right, left, right, left, right, left!  Every step brings the entire formation forward, each and every individual member.  In the days of the ancient Romans, marching in step was an effective battle tactic.  With the advent of machine guns, however, marching on the battlefield has gone out of fashion. 

Left to their own devices, humans normally form themselves into random groups and clusters.  Each individual moves about at his own speed, in and out of these groups and clusters, in the same general direction.  But even a disorganized bunch makes headway!

The task of each individual in our Conspiracy is very simple: Express skepticism and discover the truth.  You must never forget that anyone who expresses interest in the “Holocaust Industry” is walking through a minefield, since researching “Holocaust” undermines the foundations of the present regime.  Asking questions endangers the positions of the regime functionaries as well as their claims to an official vehicle. 

You may read about “Holocaust” as much as you like, as long as you do not publicize your views and findings.  However, you are allowed to ask why investigating this particular historical complex is proscribed under “manifest obviousness.”  You are also allowed to ask why there is a specific section in the Penal Code that applies to this quaint doctrine.  And you are allowed to ask why no other group of victims in history has been officially declared sacrosanct and compensated in such a lavish manner.  When you read wildly differing accounts by eyewitnesses from the same concentration camp, however, you should not ask questions.  All accounts are officially true down to the minutest detail, regardless of how absurd they may be, and even if they defy natural laws.

Nobody will object if you collect coins from the Kaiser’s time and rave about how much better everything was in the good old days.  You can even mention that the Treaty of Versailles, which our English cousins dubbed “The Peace to End All Peace,” made the Second World War inevitable.  Nobody cares if you talk about the economic policies of the Third Reich as long as you do not identify National Socialism as the only solution to the present crisis.  You can do all these things as a member of the Conspiracy, since the present regime perceives that swinging the Hammer here would smash more than it would save. (…)

Knowledge, truth, books – all these things are weapons in the liberation struggle.  Whoever can carry a tune should sing!  Those who prefer to march in the streets and wave their fists should do that – the “Antifas” love that!  Whoever likes to work within a Political Party and follow the parliamentary path should do that.  There is not a single path to liberation, but many.  With everybody doing what he does best, our success is much greater than when a professional chef grabs a hammer and joins a construction crew.  A variety of skills guarantees success, and we must function in all areas.

As we have seen, our metaphorical Hammer can smash skulls and individual Midges, but it is completely ineffectual in dealing with a Swarm.  A formless Conspiracy-Swarm is unconquerable!  The most powerful military machines in the world have learned that lesson at great pain.  The United States of America were unable to defeat Vietnam, the Russians were unable to defeat Afghanistan, Israel was unable to defeat Hisbollah, and NATO is now foundering in Afghanistan.  This is because Asymmetrical Warfare is fought primarily with mental and psychological weapons.

Are we meeting with success?  Yes!  Why does our propaganda machine characterize itself as being “Quality Media” (Qualitätsmedien), free and uncensored?  It does this for the same reason that the old FDGB (Freier Gewerkschaftsbund or “Free Federation of Labor”) in the DDR called itself “Free.”  It is all masquerade, deception designed to conceal the truth.  Just as the FDGB was never free, the “Qualitätsmedien” deliver everything except high-quality and uncensored reporting of the news.

Never forget that we are living in the age of Orwellian Newspeak, and our Qualitätsmedien are part of the Ministry of Truth.  But official lies always expose and blow the whistle on themselves, regardless of how incessantly they are repeated.  Our government’s “Fight the Right” campaign is exaggerated to the point that even the least bright citizens have begun to realize that it is merely projecting a shadow of the devil on the wall.  The “Campaign Against Forgetting Holocaust” has been exaggerated to the point that most people ignore it. 

The regime has less and less room for movement.  There is growing consensus that we all share a common goal and enemy: this ruined and deceitful, hopelessly corrupt Merkel-Germany, this oligarchy of functionaries called the Federal Republic.  Everybody wants a better, more democratic, just and righteous State that is again worthy of the ancient and honorable name “Germany.”  We are all working toward that end with our heads, words, voices, pens, fists and feet.  Each in his own way, but not in closed formation.  We are following our banner, whether it be black-white-red or gold-red-black.

Let me end with an admonition.  Revolutions are not won in the streets, they are won in our heads.  When too much furniture and porcelain has been smashed, even the Alberts (philistines) will rise up. 

The real task of our Conspiracy is to lead after the collapse of the present regime, not raise the cry for revolution.  Raising that cry is an old trick of agents provocateurs to lure our Swarm out of its cover in order to net it.  The most important element in the high art of Conspiracy is to patiently await the death-struggle of a repressive and self-destructive regime.