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To my English-language ZGram readers:

Somebody released a ten-minute excerpt taken from a documentary I put together for the Mannheim Ketzer Trial in 2005 where Truth was no Defense. This Stalinist show trial cost my husband 5 years of his life. He is now a "free" man but cannot return to America.

In honor of Ernst Zundel's birthday yesterday, this ten-minute excerpt was placed on youtube by a friend and can be viewed in dozens of websites all over the world. It shows highlights of dissident testimony from the original 1985 and 1988 Great Holocaust/Zundel Trials in Canada.

These documentaries are part of officially recorded history and cannot be wished out of existence by Germany's censors beholden to the Jewish version of Auschwitz.

The original documentaries are available 1) in a long, 4 1/2 version and 2) in a more condensed form lasting 126 minutes.

I sell these films for $20.- each plus postage - except in Germany where they are immediately confiscated by eager beaver German Kommissars, and where people are dragged before the Inquisition to explain themselves why they dare to inform themselves on a dissident viewpoint that challenges conventional "history".

If you are someone living outside of Germany and would like to purchase one of these films - please specify long or short version! - send payment of $20.- plus courtesy postage to:

Ingrid Zundel
3152 Parkway, 13-109
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

If you are a "righteous" German scrupulously obedient to Jewish censorship restraints, let me just say that watching Ernst Zundel battling his political opponents will get you a glimpse of a man with a spine. For obvious reasons, I cannot sell these documentaries to you, but nobody stops me from making you a present in exchange for a donation to assist me in getting my husband back to America, where his family is waiting for him and where he belongs.

I cannot continue my struggle for freedom for Ernst Zundel without help. Use your own judgment where YOU stand - for or against objective Truth for History.

Ingrid Rimland Zundel, Ed.D.


Here is a brief, 10-minute preview of this documentary, English with German subtext:

and, alternately,

The documentary features:

For the Prosecution:

Professor Raul Hilberg

Rudolf Vrba

For the Defense:

Attorney Doug Christie

Professor Robert Faurisson

Execution equipment expert Fred Leuchter

Chemist Dr. William Lindsay

Swedish Researcher Dietlib Felderer