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*** Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial - Breaking story ... *** - Sylvia Stolz Removed from Court

Last night, I was already in bed when I remembered that I had not notified my cameraman to be in court today to document the hastily arranged resumption of the court.  Blind as a bat, because I had already removed my contacts and can barely see anything without them, I typed and shipped an emergency SOS.  And am I ever glad I did!

I hope and pray he got good footage of this dramatic story

I translated this hastily.  If someone can do a better job, feel free!

Sylvia Stolz

Zündel-Anwältin wird aus Gerichtssaal getragen

Zundel's lady attorney is carried out of the courtroom

Mannheim (AP) Die frühere Verteidigerin des Holocaust-Leugners Ernst Zündel ist am Mittwoch aus dem Gerichtssaal in Mannheim getragen worden. Die Anwältin Sylvia Stolz war zuvor von dem Prozess ausgeschlossen worden, erschien aber trotzdem im Saal und wollte auch nach Aufforderung des Vorsitzenden Richters Ulrich Meinerzhagen nicht gehen. Sie wurde daraufhin von zwei Wachpolizistinnen herausgetragen.

On Wednesday, the one-time lady attorney of Holocaust Denier Ernst Zundel was carried out of the courtroom [today].  Attorney Sylvia Stolz had been excluded from the court , but she appeared in court and refused to obey the order of Judge Meinerzhagen.  Thereupon, two female guards carried her out.

«Das deutsche Volk erhebt sich», rief Stolz dem Publikum zu.

"The German people are rising," Stolz called out to the public.

Der 66-jährige Zündel, der im Februar 2005 aus Kanada abgeschoben wurde und seitdem in Untersuchungshaft sitzt, steht wegen Volksverhetzung vor dem Landgericht. Er hatte den millionenfachen Mord an den Juden in deutschen Gaskammern als Geschichtsfälschung bezeichnet. Seine Ansichten hatte er unter anderem über eine Website verbreitet.

Sixty-six-year old Zundel, who was deported from Canada in February 2005 and has been in investigative detention ever since, is before the higher court for "incitement of the people."  He called the mass murder in millions of Jews in German gas chambers a historical falsification.  Among other things, he spread his opinions via a website.

Stolz begründete ihr Bleiben mit den Worten: «Seit 60 Jahren verzichtet das deutsche Volk auf seine Freiheit, sich selbst zu regieren. Diesem schlechten Beispiel folge ich nicht.» Richter Meinerzhagen stehe in der Tradition der Nürnberger Prozesse, «des Lynchens ohne Recht».

Stolz defended her presence in the court with these words:  "For 60 years, the German people have resigned themselves to the fact that they did not have the freedom to rule themselves.  I am not following that bad example."  Judge Meinerzhagen functioned in the tradition of the Nuremberg Trials, "a lynching outside the law."

Vor dem Eklat kündigte Stolz rechtliche Schritte gegen ihren Ausschluss aus dem Verfahren an. «Es ist eine sofortige Beschwerde vorgesehen», sagte sie der AP vor der Fortsetzung des Prozesses. «Das wird nun der Bundesgerichtshof entscheiden.»


Before this incident happened, Stolz announced legal steps against her exclusion in this trial.  "An immediate appeal is expected," she told AP before the trial resumed.  That will be decided by [Germany's] highest court."

Das Karlsruher Oberlandesgericht hatte am vergangenen Freitag den Ausschluss der Anwältin verfügt, die in dem Prozess selbst mit strafbaren nationalsozialistischen Äußerungen aufgefallen war und im November vergeblich versucht hatte, den Ex-NPD-Anwalt Horst Mahler als Assistenten der Verteidigung Zündels hinzuzuziehen.

The Higher Court, Karlsruhe, ruled in favor of the lady attorney's exclusion, since she had made herself noted for punishable opinions and had tried unsuccessfully in November to have the ex-NPD attorney Horst Mahler be her assistant in the defense of Ernst Zundel.

Der Karlsruher Gerichtsbeschluss ist allerdings noch nicht rechtskräftig. Mahler war am Mittwoch ebenso anwesend wie zahlreiche Sympathisanten aus der rechten Szene.

However, the Karlsruhe Court's ruling is not yet binding.  Mahler was in court on Wednesday, as were numerous supporters from the Right.

«Ich gratuliere ihnen zu ihrer Tapferkeit», sagte einer von ihnen zu Stolz.

"I congratulate you for your courage," one of them said to Stolz.


© 2006 The Associated Press. Alle Rechte Vorbehalten - All Rights Reserved

Lawyer bodily removed from Zundel trial

Toronto Star | Apr. 5, 2006. 12:14 PM

MANNHEIM, Germany (AP) - A defence lawyer of far-right activist Ernst Zundel, charged with denying the Holocaust, was physically carried from the courtroom Wednesday after defying a ruling banning her from the trial on grounds she tried to sabotage the proceedings.

Two female police officers had to carry Sylvia Stolz from the Mannheim courtroom after she refused the judge's order to leave.

"Resistance! The German people are rising up," Stolz shouted as she was taken from the room.

Some of the scores of supporters of Zundel, a 66-year-old German deported from Canada, also quit the courtroom. Zundel, who emigrated to Canada in 1958 and lived in Toronto and Montreal until 2001, has been standing trial since November on charges of years of anti-Semitic activities including denying the Holocaust - a crime in Germany - in documents and on the Internet.

The presiding judge halted the trial on March 9 to ask for Stolz's removal after she denounced the court as a "tool of foreign domination" and described the Jews as an "enemy people" in earlier sessions.

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