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*** Spaniard Revisionist, Pedro Varela, arrested ***

Spanish Revisionist Publisher Re-Arrested!

The Barnes Review Newsletter, 4/16/06

BARCELONA, CATALONIA, SPAIN. On Tuesday, April 11, 2006, the revisionist publisher Pedro Varela was arrested at his Libraria Europa bookstore in the Catalan capital for "defending and justifying genocide" by publishing books such as Joaquin Bochaca's Mito[Myth] de los 6 miliones and, strangely, "putting in danger the security of foreign states." [!?] (Bochaca is an author frequently published by The Barnes Review.)

Five hundred books were seized in the raid. Varela was under arrest from 11 a.m. Tuesday to 2 a.m. Wednesday, when he posted bail. Varela is subject to 5 years in prison if convicted.

The photo of the handsome Varela in handcuffs being led away by a female "ninja"-type police officer made front-page headlines in Barcelona. [see photograph, ]

Ironically, one book he is accused of publishing is a standard, classic 1971 work on the subject of race and IQ by the great scientist Hans Eysenck, Race, Intelligence and Education, published in the U.S. as The IQ Argument. Eysenck, a German who left the Third Reich in the 1930s out of opposition to its policies, authored 50 books and 900 academic articles, and was one of the most highly regarded scientific psychologists in the world. His book Race, Intelligence and Education was even carried until eight or nine years ago by the biggest supermarket chain in Spain, El Cortes Ingles, owned by the Jewish Koplovitz family.

The federal prosecutor for Barcelona who caused his arrest is a Mr. Mena, a former Maoist who is now a "democrat."

Varela has had previous contacts with the "justice system" of his country, as well as that of Austria, thus he is a "recidivist," which may affect the outcome of his current indictment. He was arrested first in December 1996 on similar charges of defending genocide. Twenty thousand books plus other items were seized and later ordered burned.

On November 16, 1998 a Spanish court sentenced Varela to five years imprisonment for "incitement to racial hatred" and for "denying or justifying genocide." The sentence was Spain's first conviction for "Holocaust denial." It is based on the country's 1995 anti-genocide and anti-discrimination law.

Until 1995 Spain had been both an oasis of freedom of speech and a land of political asylum for nationalist patriots on the run such as the Belgian Leon Degrelle, the German WWII officers Otto Remer and Otto Skorczeny, and the Austrian revisionist publishers Walter Ochensberger and Gerd Honsik. It was the shining exception on a darkened European continent where so-called "hate speech" and so-called "Holocaust denial" everywhere else had been made illegal.

Spain until then had seemed a lasting haven of peace and freedom for patriots worldwide. There were the long-standing right-wing and politically incorrect traditions of both Catholic Spain, a nation that famously expelled its Jewish population in 1492, and more recently of the Franco dictatorship (1936-1977), which was allied with National Socialist Germany and after the war, remained fiercely anti-communist and pro-Catholic.

However, on May 11, 1995 the Spanish parliament revised the country's criminal code by creating the crimes of "justifying genocide" and "promoting racial hatred." Signed into law by Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez and King Juan Carlos, the preamble of the 1995 legislation claimed that revisionist books lead to violence:

"The proliferation in several European countries of incidents of racist and anti-Semitic violence, carried out under the flags and symbols of Nazi ideology, obliges the democratic states to take decisive action to fight against this."

Thus it was to fight violence that black-garbed police ninjas seized the historian and publisher Pedro Varela and hauled him off to jail.


1) Telephone conversation of Sunday, April 16, 2006 between John de Nugent and revisionist author Joaquin Bochaca of Barcelona, a friend of Varela.
3) Wikipedia on "Hans Eysenck": 

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