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A Zundel letter on guerrilla warfare

A Zundel letter out of Mannheim Prison to Mark Weber, Director of the Institute for Historical Review (


15 August 2006

Ernst Zündel
JVA Manheim
Herzogenrieder Str. 111
68169 Mannheim Germany

Dear Mark!

I hope you and the family are well? As you can see, I am alive and following world events with keen interest - as best as possible, when one is locked up for 22 hours and 45 minutes [a day] for the last 3 1/2 years.

It seems that my detractors [have] finally gone berserk, as they have so many times in their blood-stained history. The rampage through Lebanon has finally revealed the inner soul of the boys from the planet of Khazaria.

I am surprised how critical the press is in Europe - even some Israeli commentators. There is one "Middle East Expert", an Egyptian-born Israeli called Daniel Dagan, who speaks fluent German and is frequently interviewed as a commentator in discussion groups. He comes up with the most interesting insights, nuanced and well reasoned.

His conclusion is that Israel has, in effect, been practicing the old Roman empire "Divide and Rule" in that it has successfully managed to play off one religious sect or group like the Shiites against Sunnis, Christians against Muslims, as in the 1978-82-84 invasion of Beirut, the Sabra and Shatila massacre, etc. That policy was best described in Robert Fisk's "Pity the People." He was the Mid-East correspondent of the London Times for 25 years, was fired due to the usual pressures, the Independent took him on, and he stayed covering the Mid East beat. Mark, it is one of the most remarkable, shocking, incorruptibly honest exposes of the underlying reasons for the continual upheavals in the Mid-East political landscapes. I can only recommend that book to anyone who seriously wants to understand that very complex region.

The BBC and even CNN are full of post mortems just now, since the cease-fire has started. To my surprise, Israeli flaks are trying hard to spin-doctor the cease-fire as a victory, while independent analysts seem to think that it is a political defeat for Israel and by extension for America that could have been avoided with a little extra effort and some flexibility by the Israelis. Some Israeli newspapers report a massive decline in Olmert's ratings, and some are demanding the setting up of a commission of inquiry into the conduct of the war - an Israeli inquiry!

This Daniel Dagan says that there may well be political upheavals in Israel, in the current government, etc! The economic consequences for Lebanon are estimated at near $3 billion. Israeli sources say for them it is about $1.6 - 1.8 billion in lost revenue, lack of production - all that for what exactly? Two kidnapped soldiers?

Once again the impotence of the Arabs, their all-talk-and-no-action has been demonstrated to the world! Imagine an army of 50,000 Lebanese soldiers, with 300+ tanks, artillery, anti-aircraft guns, some warships, not raising a finger to even attempt to defend their country! I feel reinforced in my disdain for the oligarchies there - as well as the callous murderous thug-like elements here!

Mark, if there is a God in heaven, or some kind of Karma, or some sense of equilibrium or justice, then there will be suffering on an accumulated scale of apocalyptic proportions - a near Armageddon.

I have naturally lots of time on my hands, after all. I am still locked up 22 hours and 45 minutes [a day]. The German political Near East expert Lüders said on Art TV on the 14-15th August at midnight that this war "war die grösste Dummheit und Niederlage einer israelischen Regierung seit dem Unabhängigkeitskrieg 1948." ["... was the greatest stupidity and defeat of an Israeli government since the 1948 War for independence."] Courageous words, especially for a German in this philosemitic society.

I am surprised how frank newspapers like "Die Zeit," "Süddeutsche Zeitung," and "Der Spiegel" are in their criticism of Israel's destructive, civilian-infrastructure-directed campaign - more so here than in America. There is general agreement that Israel lost the battle of the images early - and never really recovered from the direct hit on that UN observer post, and the massacre of the children at Kana!

Actually, strange as the comparison may seem, the Israelis are almost stepping into the footsteps of the Germans in the destruction of Warsaw during the Warsaw Uprising - and also the German reprisals against "Partisanen"/guerrillas in the East. That's also true for the Americans and the British in Iraq and in Afghanistan where they are bogged down in guerrilla wars like the Germans were in the Balkans, in the East and in the Italian and French areas of Europe!

It's amazing to me how things are evolving! All the murderous tricks used and employed against the Germans have since been experienced by Germany's tormentors. The Soviets got beaten by the Mujahedin - and their empire collapsed as a result of this Afghan guerrilla war! The British were driven out of Malaysia, Greece, Cyprus, even India by guerrillas, out of Kenya and Rhodesia, even Egypt and Palestine - by, of all things, Jewish guerrillas! How about the French in Algeria and Vietnam? Or the Belgians in the Congo? Even the Serbs lost their illegitimate, artificial state! And [it also] was, of course, America's turn in Somalia, in Vietnam with the Vietcong, and finally, of all the karmic come-uppances, Afghanistan!

Now is that not Karma done? You tell me! How the very same Americans, who had largely financed and orchestrated the Soviet Union's defeat by their surrogate guerrilla army - were to move their troops into the very same countryside? Mark, is that [not] the height of arrogance or the height of folly and hubris?

And [then we saw] the mistake compounded by the "cakewalk" shock-and-awe German Blitzkrieg invasion of Iraq - with the subsequent, still raging guerrilla war there! The British had taught the Arabs with Lawrence of Arabia's successful campaign against the Ottoman empire how one defeats a conventional army.

This history would not be complete if one did not tell the history of the Bundists (1902) and the Bolsheviki (1917) against the Czar - their later role in the Partisanen/Resistance Movements in Russia, Poland, the Balkans, France, Spain. They were the backbone of these murderous collections of cutthroats, torturers and murderers! Over 700,000 German soldiers fell victim to these murderous gangs of outlaws! And the Allies celebrated them as heroes and as freedom fighters?

That always amazed me - the short-sightedness. The organized Western nations after WWII, especially the British, were the first ones to get a taste of the skills learned by the likes of Menachem Begin, Stern, and all the others. It was not long before the King David Hotel blew up, British soldiers were kidnapped, mutilated, their bodies booby-trapped in the olive groves of Palestine. (...)

It was not long before Karma caught up with the cutthroats, and the war now just over is proof that history is catching up with the originators of that "Advance to Barbarism", the guerrilla war [that] Europe had spent 3,000 years to overcome, til the Geneva Convention finally tried to impose some humanity on war, an incredible achievement, redeeming mankind - only to be outdone and overcome by the ghetto dwellers and shtetl boys from the Pales of Settlement. And what was so easy to accomplish against the civilized, chivalrous organized armies of Europe, namely the killing by ambush, is now derailing the plans of the coterie around the cowboy from Crawford and the belated colonialist squatters with the religious Chosen People syndrome!

All that suffering, bloodshed, and destruction - because we do not have the guts to tell a collection of psychopaths that enough is enough?!

History is coming full circle. We are living in interesting times!

All the best!

PS: The trial will end in September - verdict in October! Inevitably!


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Ernst Zündel 
Justizvollzugsanstalt Mannheim 
Herzogenrieder Strasse 111 
D 68169 Mannheim 

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