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Update on the Zundel Case

A brief update on the last two days' hearings (October 19 and 20) in the Zundel case, followed by new hearing dates for him as well as for Germar Rudolf, and concluded with a Zundel letter to a young friend in Texas.

I had a call today from one of our German attorneys. He reports the last two hearing days were wasted time and money. All requests for defense expert witnesses and forensic documents were brutally rejected. The mantra never changes: "The Holocaust can't be and will not be disputed. It is self-evident!"

Nonetheless, additional hearing dates have once again been set: There will be Zundel hearings as follows, all starting at 9:00 A.M.:

  • November 10
  • November 17
  • November 30
  • December 1
  • December 7
  • December 8

In the same venue, the trial for Germar Rudolf is to begin in Mannheim. The Germar Rudolf schedule is as follows:

  • November 14
  • November 16
  • December 4
  • December 6
  • December 21
  • January 10
  • January 22
  • January 29

To that, I should add a few anecdotal touches which will find its way into the large screen feature movie that is already playing in my head. After the presiding judge ruled sternly that the audience was not to applaud when Ernst entered the courtroom, his friends simply rose to show their respect. This, too, is now forbidden.

At some point, it seems, somebody laughed the politically incorrect way - and was promptly filed 200 Euros - about US$250 ! The fellow didn't have the money and was prepared to go to jail, but a collection was taken up from the audience to spare him.

Additionally, the judge drew an amazing conclusion when asked to allow the US FBI Report in Ernst's defense - a seven-part report that states in clearest language that Ernst is not a "White Supremacist" but, rather, a Revisionist, and that the case be closed. The judge concluded that the defendant, Mr. Zundel, must surely have wickedly disguised his antisemitism from the FBI investigation - another Zundel First!

What a clever man I have married!

I should also add, perhaps in passing, that I received a bill from another German court that charges me some 300-plus Euros out of a total of 5,000 Euros for "indexing" (censoring!) my venerable website. I intend to tell them - borrowing from Oskar Wilde, I believe - that since they charged me in my absence and convicted me in my absence, they might as well shoot me in my absence!

The nerve these people have!

The letter below is a wistful one, containing gentle snippets of this and that - a typical Zundel letter. While he was still in the Canadian prison, starving and freezing, with his light turned on night and day, Ernst wrote a touching letter to two grieving little girls in Texas - two children that he never met, who were dealing with their parents' separation - telling them that he was deeding them two equal land parcels on Mars on which they could build their very own castles. So much by way of preface:

October 9. 2006

Dear Curtis,

The trial is winding down and I wanted to reach out beyond the barbed wire, the search lights, and the dogs to share some snippets of thought gained in my new life here in the Gulag of Modern Times. It's hard to decide where to start - I only have five pages, as you know.

So let me start with something frivolous - and future-oriented. Mars! This past week I saw some absolutely stunning photos of the Martian surface, close-ups of the Martian landscapes. They were unbelievable, especially the Martian ice caps, the poles. Some of them were taken by the Mars rovers and others by the European space probes - amazing clarity! It made me think about the Martian real estate I bought as a lark some years ago, which made me remember your daughters and their building lots on Mars. So, I'm wondering how you and the girls are doing?

There has been an almost frenzied increase in the amount of bad press our enemies have been subjected to of late. In your letter of November 21, 2005 you outlined the list of neo-cons who were not only being closely scrutinized, but who had in some cases even been charged with serious crimes. So, now you can update your list and add Foley and his coterie of sycophants and network of deviants.

Ingrid always told me that the real crunch for the dysfunctional political elite in America would come when their sexual deviations and criminal activities especially with children would come to light. BBC and CNN news, which I can monitor from my cell, were full with interviews, press conferences and contradictory claims and statements by former aides of Foley's, former pages, etc. Add to this Hastert's obvious lies and distortions - wow!

Watching all of this made me feel as if I were in a time warp and was beamed down into the Roman Senate at the time of Brutus and Julius Caesar's intrigues. The media showed some video clips of an effetely prancing Foley, expounding on the virtues of "conservative family values," about the dangers of "sexual predators," and how the Internet should be "managed" by the government in order to prevent sexual predation of minors, how he and his committee intended to "fix it," etc. etc. Disgusting!

All of Foley's lies made me recall a letter my Canadian lady lawyer sent me recently, in which she mentioned another book written by Professor Robert Hare entitled "Snakes in Suits," a follow up on his book about psychopathology, "Without Conscience." Barbara wrote that Hare largely investigated the psychopathological behavior of business tycoons and various other professionals, the Ken Lay and Andrew Fastow types. Maybe you and I should write a "Secrets Exposed" book, a follow up to Hare's work, entitled "Gansters with Badges," or "Enforcers in Robes." We know the personality types and profiles, and the modus operandi. Our work would do society a great deal of good, by giving them the keys to the underworld, so to speak.

If anyone wants to understand the real inner imperative of the elite, it is the knowledge of psychopathic behavior that one must fully comprehend, and how the elites are using this aberrant personality trait of theirs to their own advantage. One of my fellow prisoners, one of a very few - a handful really with a broader vision - has been sharing a book with me. The original title of the book, written in English, is Blowback: The Cost of Empire. It's a very informative book - I was lent the German version, which is more appropriately titled "Imperium erfällt," translated, "An Empire disintegrates." The book details the consequences of America's foreign policy aspirations and how by engaging in these actions, America has alienated much of the rest of the world. It's clear that the author understands that America is already in "full scale disintegration," and that it's probably too late to do anything about it. Watching the news over these last weeks really reinforces for me the author's thesis. He frankly illustrates many of the ruthless methods of the empire and how it deals with and has dealt with perceived enemies proactively. He laid bare the entrails of how the system works - one area that you'll appreciate because of the insights you have gained with your Congressman concerning my case. It might be a good idea to check that book out of your local library and give it a good read. The author discusses how it is that the empire [America] deals with so-called "terrorists," i.e. their favorite phrase used against the Empire's critics and opponents. Here it is.

"It [The empire] utilized in these cases its so-called "disruption strategy," a tactic to achieve the wearing down of the terrorists - read "revisionists", my terminology, from now on used as a substitute - which consists of making trouble for them worldwide. The goal is to drive the [revisionists] out of their hiding places, in order that cooperative police forces or spy agencies can arrest, detain and imprison them." I loved that phrase, "cooperative police and agencies".

Quoting an Associated Press article, the author continues:

"The CIA keeps its role secret and the countries which in fact actually proceed against the suspected [revisionist] carefully, in order to hide the role of the United States, unless they themselves get into difficulty."

Now Curtis, that's exactly what has happened in all of these overseas kidnappings - cases involving people like myself, El Masrie in Germany, Arar in Canada, etc. Recently a Canadian commission of Inquiry in Ottawa revealed the entire Arar case to the public. They blew the lid right off the Canadian and US Government's lies. The Canadian police, and Intelligence service [CSIS] just like the author noted, attempted to cover up their collusion with the US Government - knowingly setting up an innocent man. They did the very same to John Demjanjuk, sending him to be tortured by a third government [Israel] in the Mid-East. They figured all along that their criminal actions would never be uncovered; after all, they had the government and media on their side. Fortunately for Arar, his wife, who was well connected politically, was no pushover. Did you know that the Chief of Canada's RCMP actually apologized to Maher Arar? Of course he was forced by public pressure to do so, but nonetheless, that's quite a victory in some respects.

The patriotic and revisionists networks in America and Canada have a lot to learn from Arar's wife. They have never developed the ability to cooperate with one another. It requires a single-minded determination, a pursuit that doesn't allow petty differences to divert the [determination] necessary to drive a point home. For years I have known this, and I knew this on the day the cuffs were snapped around my wrists in Tennessee. Ingrid had illusions that there would be a groundswell of support, a worldwide uproar, demonstrations and the like, but alas, in the end it seems there has been more talk than action. The Left and Blacks are more active stateside in the defense [against] cop killers than are our people, who have nothing more to do than defend a pitiful handful of people imprisoned for nothing more than their words. We revisionists have a job to do, and complaining won't get the word out - so buckle down and get busy!

The "disruption strategy," was devised by the CIA and used by Clinton's National Security advisor Richard Clarke, who stayed on with the Bush Adminstration. Bush was pleased with Clarke's work because it specifically exempted the CIA from the requirement to report to Congress what they were and still are doing - that's why they can just "pick up," people like me, Germar Rudolf, Arar and many others in the United States, and deport them - no oversight whatsoever! That's why Congressman Ron Paul and Congressman Dannemeier, Ingrid's friend, couldn't find any answers - there were none.

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