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A recent Zundel Letter

Another Zundel Letter to a young Texas friend:

December 4, 2006

My fourth Christmas behind bars is here. This week I will attend the second Christmas party organized by our prison chaplain. He is a local/regional man, a real Martin Luther type in looks and in his down-to-earth approach to things. That party last year was attended by the usual types - double murderers, drug dealers, common wife beaters, child abusers, pickpockets, check and credit card fraud artists, gamblers, and one lone historical revisionist.

The prison staff, the social workers, the prison shrink, some security staff were all genuinely nice and humane - a far cut above what I experienced in the U.S.A. and Canada. The worst were the Tennesseans, I am sad to report. They were big brutes of men, ill-bred, obese, nasty, ignorant, cold-hearted. In their button-popping, stretched-to-the-limits uniforms, they looked like the bottom of the barrel from some central casting office for a cheap 1960s anti-Nazi, "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS" type of film. You know how Hollywood portrays the Germans.

This was in contrast to some of the giant, blond haired, blue eyed Batavians in the area of Attica I met while temporarily imprisoned in New York state en route to Canada. That whole region south of Lake Ontario was settled and pioneered by Germans, Hessians and Pennsylvania Deutsch [not Dutch]. These men were open-faced, uncomplicated, kind and human - well, what can I say? They were Germanic.

Now on to world news. Unfortunately I have very few sources of information - I am reduced to depending on the mainstream media and the necessity to read between the lines. Because of the judge's ruling, I generally do not receive, nor can I send, much in the way of thoughts or ideas. This includes art, science, health care and related medical topics - these are redacted from letters without mercy. Imagine that - in the 21st Century no less!

Last week I received a letter sent to me by a supporter - in Munich on August 2, 2005! The same day I also received another letter mailed on July 6, 2006 and several others from July. So don't be disheartened if you do not hear from me for months - it means someone is holding up the mail. Ingrid sometimes gets no mail from me for six to eight weeks, worries like crazy, only to be handed nine letters in one day. My oldest son was handed three letters on the same day, months ago. It makes me ill to think that these same people prattle on all the time about the superiority of their system and their humanity when compared to former regimes.

Can you believe the embarrassment Bush and his clique must be suffering from in relationship to their trouncing in the polls? I was on a high for a week. Ingrid described my letters as euphoric. There are of course reasons to be overjoyed. I have said to Ingrid and others for a long time that what befell America on 9-11 would come back to haunt the true perpetrators - and, no, I don't mean the alleged nineteen Arabs the media keep shoving in our faces. Bush Sr. and his circle of "old money Republicans" are doing their best to save the Bush dynasty's reputation. I doubt it will work this time, Bush no longer commands much respect anywhere in the world.

I was overjoyed to see the GOP lose so badly, because many of them have defiled American values for decades. Finally they have been subjected to a modicum of exposure. Many of them did their best to ignore my case and Ingrid's appeals, while at the same time being highlighted in the press as alleged champions of American traditions, i.e. free speech etc. Swift Karma was done! CNN news with Larry King announced this morning at about 11 AM local time that Bill Frist of Tennessee, who was once touted as a future Presidential contender, decided that it would be better not to run for President than to reveal all of his financial dealings over the last several years.

Despite all of the machinations, despite all the lies and innuendo, Ingrid and I are not disgraced, because most people can see through the lies. They realize that the media and government have no credibility. It doesn't take people long to then conclude that these same individuals and entities might also be lying about many other things.

This nightmare will be over one day - the guilty will be exposed, charged and convicted. The night that the Republicans were driven out of office signaled the beginnings of a change - now [others] have the power to issue subpoenas. We'll soon see if they have any intention of using this power. If not, no matter - they'll be exposed in short order as well.

I am afraid there is a great deal of bad karma [coming] - too many Americans have been mistreated by the powerful and well-connected. How that will play out remains to be seen. We now have the means to reach virtually every man, woman and child on this planet via the Internet - the truth can't be suppressed forever, and judging by the speed of world events, I'd say it can't be suppressed much longer. Americans appear to be quickly tiring of the lies and deceit.

Perhaps we'll all have ringside seats to watch the ushering in of a new era? It won't all happen immediately. It will take more than a few years - but it seems inevitable at this point.

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