"Churchill's War" - Volume Two - by David Irving

The book contract was signed with a London publisher in 1972. Volume I, published 1987, attracted critical acclaim, sold 20,000 copies, was widely translated. Volume II appears fourteen years later after an uneasy birth. In the thirty years of its writing, the world has turned; the halls of historical research now tremble to the tread of political correctness.

This second volume of CHURCHILL'S WAR narrates the middle years of World War II. In the thirty years of the writing of Volume One, this work's author finds himself no longer the enfant gaté of reviewers. Major publishers who still aspire to print his works come under assault from international bodies. In July 1992 - even as he was returning triumphantly from the KGB archives in Moscow with the Goebbels Diaries - the directors of Macmillan Ltd were being forced to the secret decision to burn all stocks of his remaining works.

This work benefits, however, from the release of thousands of secret files. The human side of Winston Churchill reaches boldly out of these pages - lively, incorrigible, and sometimes callous, hectoring his ministers, but meek and subservient to Moscow and Washington.