Part 2 - 1960s to 1995

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Also see: Part 1- Birth to 1960s | and Part 3 - 1995 to Present


Ernst with his first-born, Pierre

Ernst and his young family's first home in a Montreal suburb (1963)

Ernst with Adrien Arcand 1963, his political mentor, prior to leaving on a 3 1/2 month tour of Europe to meet and interview famous writers, politicians and former soldiers

Zundel declaring his candidacy for Prime Minister of Canada, Spring, 1968

Zundel appeals to an audience of 25,000 in Ottawa in a symbolic candidacy to give German-Canadians a voice and counteract vilification (1968)

Opening a Christmas present - Early 1970's

The boys are growing up

Ernst as a highly successful commercial artist in 1973



Ernst buys a nice Victorian house in peaceful downtown neighborhood in Toronto, Canada.


Traveliong and camping with the boys - Canada 1975


Visiting his aging mother, 1977

The publication of this little booklet, written by somebody else and only published by Ernst Zündel, kicked loose a global avalanche of political consequences. It led to two ground-breaking Holocaust Trials in 1985 and 1988 - and that was only the beginning! Here Zündel is shown as an enthusiastic promoter challenging the orthodox version of the "Holocaust."

Friends demonstrate for Zündel's release in 1985 at the Toronto Don Jail

Also see: Part 1- Birth to 1960s | and Part 3 - 1995 to Present

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