In a few words ...


Dr. Robert Faurisson of France, Europe's # 1 Revisionist, has called Revisionism the ". . . most exciting intellectual challenge at the end of the Twentieth Century." The Zundelsite invites you to be part of that challenge by letting us melt some of your preconceived notions.


Revisionism is a scientific discipline. Its aim is to shed new light on certain widely accepted but never scrutinized claims regarding certain aspects of World War II, including claims pertaining to the "Holocaust."


Revisionists all over the world have worked very hard, for decades, unearthing documents and inspecting forensic evidence so as to bring history in accord with the facts - not in accord with dogma, myth, or emotion.


Be prepared for an intellectual melt-down of major proportions that will free you from lies and deceptions and make you see the world in a clean and fresh light.


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