3rd Leuchter Report0.000 INTRODUCTION.

In October of this year (1989), I was asked by Mr. Ernst Zundel of Toronto Canada to inspect and document, in text, still photography, and video tape, an existing execution gas chamber in the United States.

This gas chamber was designed and constructed solely for the purpose of the execution of convicted criminals under United States law by means of hydrogen cyanide gas (Zyklon B). On November 15, 1988, I inspected the Execution Gas Chamber at the Mississippi State Penitentiary and documented said inspection with both still photography and video tape.

My international party consisted of Mr. Eugene Ernst, an experienced still and motion picture photographer, from Canada, who accompanied me to Germany and Austria earlier this year; and Mr. Karlheinz Geiger, from West Germany, a well-known documentary film producer. This report and subsequent on-site documentation are a result of that inspection.

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