4th Leuchter Report


After a detailed study of the document in question, a review of the historical and pseudo-technical documentation, the engineering report on the facilities in question and the application of the Principles of Execution Technology, this author finds that the reviewed document has veracity only in the capacity of a compendium of documents and blueprints, which are apparently real and authenticated. This is the only redeeming value contained within the document. The conclusions reached are fallacious, the translations are at times questionable and often taken out of context, and the opinions stated are clearly erroneous. Mr. Pressac shows at times that he is capable of clear, logical thought but, with a true 'doublethink' mentality, manages to destroy all his fine work while he 'undistributes his middle.' Clearly, the documents contained therein in no way suggest, or even hint, of the possibility of the existence of a gas chamber, anywhere.

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