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Regarding the following text from the Heritage Front Affair - A report to the Solicitor General of Canada from the Security Intelligence Review Committee, Dec. 9, 1994.

Regarding : Donna Elliott

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b) Chapter 3.2.4

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I Donna Elliott of ***********, Toronto, Ontario make oath and say as follows.

First let me begin by objecting to my name even being published in this report as I am not a white supremacist and I certainly am in no possible way a threat to national security of this country. I may not agree with some government policies and left-leaning causes like millions of other Canadians but I exercise my rights at the ballot box.

Secondly let me state that to my knowledge of certain events in this report that it is full of half truths and down right lies. By your own admission certain individuals had problems with Grant Bristow from the beginning and had trouble controlling him. He was a wannabe "James Bond" and was willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to achieve this. You verify this in your own report.


  1. At CSIS HQ, in April 1987, a Unit Head stated that "this file is starting to smell a little funny"
  2. Toronto Region Managers concluded that the source operation was "not seriously undermined" and they hoped that "rigid control and direction will prevent any further breaches of security by this source."
  3. CSIS Headquarters supported the continued development of the Source with certain reservations, among them: "The source appears to be somewhat overzealous, which may have compromised his confidentiality. Security precautions should be reinforced and his progression in this field should be carefully monitored and directed."
  4. CSIS HQ suggested and Toronto Region complied with the recommendation that the Source be told that the Service's priorities had changed and that it was no longer interested in his assistance. Contact with the Source ceased at that point.

My further comments are only on facts that I have direct knowledge of:

[Reguarding text at top of this affidavit]

a: I have never heard anyone use the term "Andriods" or "Necro-Nazi" This can only be Grant Bristow's sarcasm.

b: Don Andrews house is certainly no mansion and if you were checking on these things you would verify that and again note Grant's sarcasm. "as a privilege, he sat at the table in Andrews' house" Really, anyone and everyone could sit at the table in Andrew's home. It was certainly no privilege -- again Grant's style of sarcasm.

c: Here's more of Grant's Sarcasm. "Those who had luggage were also favoured", "Another criterion was money". Both of which were never said. "Andrews paid for most of the rest of the trip by using money advanced by Libya; this was likely arranged through a Libyan agent" Andrews never received advanced money! The trip was already paid for and the only thing that was received was the airline tickets.

d: No one was allowed to disembark when we first arrived because there was groups dancing and entertaining us on land as we watched from the ship. Shortly after, two members from our group disembarked along with selected members of other groups to meet the welcoming committee. The next day everyone on the ship were taken to visit Kadhafis bombed house. On return, word had spread through the ship who we were. A woman from Ottawa, who had been on the first trip had spread the word. The Libyans thought it best to separate us because the mostly leftist groups didn't like us being there and had prevented us from boarding the bus to go to the celebrations at a stadium. The Libyans arranged for us to go in a separate mini-bus and after the ceremonies we were taken to another place. It was not named 'Camp Kadhafi" - That was a term again used by Grant Bristow the next day because we discovered Col. Kadhafi's tent on the grounds. Also -- The Libyans uniform consisted of a T-Shirt, Baseball hat and light pants. Everyone wore the uniform including Grant Bristow. Max French never called the two "Dissidents" every imaginable name and is absolutely right when he states that he denies this account. There are pictures to prove this.

e: We were not arrested, only Droege. I personally heard no threats and we were all in a group, sitting on the floor playing cards. While some may have been strip searched, most were definitely not including myself. I was only patted down (with clothes on) and in no way was my body cavities probed for contraband, nor was I subjected to an interview, except in passing comments or a few simple questions, ie: Were their any Americans there (Libya). We had nothing to hide, we had done nothing wrong. It was not unlawful for Canadians to go to Libya, like Cuba -- Just Americans. It was nothing more than a free trip to most people. "Anne Ladas and Nicola Polinuk telephoned Don Andrews who instructed them to come back to Canada" We were coming back to Canada, Chicago was only to change planes.

f: Again, this is simply not true. We were never worried about being attacked in Libya (by what?), never subjected to humiliating interviews and most never had body cavity searches. And reguarding the Libya trip causing people to leave the NPC is not true, it was completely other factors which made our decision.

g: I have never heard the term "Brethren" ever used and never heard that the HF was to have four levels. Regarding the lie that the HF was going to rob armoured cars, this is a down right lie! These statements are right out of the novel "the Silent Brotherhood", pages 126, 127 and 262, and could also have come out of the Turner Diaries. Attached here are the aforesaid pages as exibit A, B, and C. I have never heard anyone including Droege make any statements even remotely close to this. It is absolutely ridiculous. Regarding Droege getting money from Libyans, again this is ridiculous, for starters there were only two people (both from the NPC) who knew who the contact was and that contact was in Libya only. No contact in Canada, so how could he possibly contact any officials in Canada, and why Montreal.

h: This never happened with me. I have never or would ever phone any television or radio shows, as I simply would have been to nervous to participate in such an event. I have never seen that program and was probably working at the time. I would like to hear any evidence to back this up, ie my voice on the air, because there can't be and I resent my name being thrown into this report without just cause on an event that I never participated in even though there would be nothing wrong in doing so. Special interest groups phone in all the time to television and radio talk shows especially when the topic is of interest to them or about them.

In closing I would like to state. If CSIS could see from the beginning that they would have trouble controlling Grant Bristow and they clearly see his character flaws, why on earth would they change their minds and use this individual? Why would you take this man's word as the gospel truth without giving everyone an opportunity to defend themselves against such accusations or the right to challenge Grant Bristow on his interpretation of events. Grant did try to incite people into doing things that could cause trouble and possible arrests on several occasions and was very upset when people wouldn't bite. This is fact.

I would like to think that you would be serious in getting down to the true events and not just exaggerations, half truths and Grant's descriptive sarcasm. Unlike Mr. Bristow, I do not have a hidden agenda and have no reason to lie.

Swore before me this ____ day of ___________
AD 1996 at the city of _____________, province of _____________
A commissioner for oaths etc.

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