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Regarding the following text from ìThe Heritage front Affair - A Report to the Solicitor General of Canada from the Security Intelligence Review Committee, Dec 9, 1994.î


I, Gerry C. Lincoln of City of Toronto, ON. make oath and say as follows:

3.2.4 Page 5

First, there was never any serious consideration given to the idea of calling the new organization WHF (White Heritage Foundation). It was immediately recognized that the American group, the Heritage Foundation would probably regard WHF as copyright infringement. As well, we considered incorporating the word ìwhiteî would make the group sound too ìklannishî ó a pitfall we wished to avoid.

Second, the term ìbrethrenî was never used to describe the top echelon of the proposed organization. That term is used mostly by the Identity Christian types and in a novel, The Turner Diaries. For this reason, as the new organization was to be completely secular in nature, the term ìbrethrenî would not have been considered.

As well, Wolfgang Droege has trouble pronouncing the word ìbrethren.î When he read this section of the report aloud, he tripped over this word every time, to the amusement of those present.

3.3.2 Page 7

While this may appear trivial, it points out a certain amount of sloppiness that managed to infect this report. ìCamp Kadhafiî in the report, is neither in quotations nor italicized, and so, gives the false impression that this was indeed the name of the camp. We were never told the proper name of this desert retreat used by the Libyans, mostly for visiting trade delegations, so I nicknamed it ìCamp Kadhafi.î

3.3.3 Page 9

With the exception of Wolfgang Droege, no one was arrested. Grant Bristow was the only one who at any time even mentioned being strip-searched. Others, in fact joked that perhaps that was a fantasy he enjoyed.

3.3.5 Page 11

Grant Bristow was the only one of the three of us who expressed a strong desire to work ìbehind the scenesî ó because of the sensitive nature of his employment as a security investigator at a major international firm in Brampton.

Droege had previously been a high-profile person and had no qualms about being in the spotlight again, as quickly happened as the Heritage Front received media exposure. In fact, most who know him would say Droege thrives on media attention.

It was over two years later when, after a certain amount of reflection, I affixed my name to the editorial page of the new HF magazine, Up Front. In the interim, Droege had given numerous media interviews, the first of which appeared in Rosie DiMannoís Toronto Star column on June 19, 1991.

3.3.5 Page 11

First, no one at the executive level of The Heritage Front has ever defined himself as a ìwhite supremacist.î The terms we use have always been ìracialistî or ìwhite separatist.î As the phrase ìclandestinely forward the white supremacist movementî is in quotation marks, it implies that someone actually said those words. This is not factual, as our agenda has always been publically-stated, though often misrepresented in the media.

3.3.5 Page 12

The only time ìOctober 2nd Committeeî ever came up in conversation, was when Grant Bristow mentioned how left-wing organizations, particularly Communists, use dates to name their groups. Such a name was never even suggested for an HF wing.

Ironically, it was James Dawson who suggested a more militant wing be formed. Dawson, who has always seen himself as some sort of sergeant-at-arms, proposed this wing be called the ARA (Aryan Resistance Army). Droege was not present at this discussion which was held at the old Parkway Tavern, and the proposal was never given serious consideration.

3.3.5 Page 12

This paragraph is sheer fantasy. While I still consider Grant Bristow a friend ó even now ó I can only conclude that ìthe Sourceî fabricated this statement entirely, after reading the Andrew Macdonald novel, The Turner Diaries.

3.3.5 Page 13

To simply state that ìLincoln said he did not provide a great deal of money for the magazineî seems to imply a simple denial of a statement. In a telephone interview with someone from SIRC, I offered a more-detailed explanation. While I do not recall exactly how much money I contributed, I remember that it was no more than my fair share, as previously agreed upon by Grant Bristow, Wolfgang Droege and myself. At no time, did I ever pay more than one-third of any expense. After the second issue of the magazine was published, it essentially became self-sustaining, or a ìcash cow.î

3.3.5 Page 13

I can only conclude that my friend Grant Bristow initiated this account of ìtaking down drug dealersî to cement his own position on the CSIS payroll. Droege has always stressed to skinheads and others that they should remain law-abiding, pointing out that they are of little use to themselves or anyone else if they are in jail.

4.1 Page 1

At no time was there ever any attempt to ìdisruptî any television show. Frequently, during television shows of topical interest with a call-in portion, we would telephone a number of people who could present rational views, and suggest that they phone the station and air their views. There was never a deliberate attempt to ìtie up telephone lines.î As the host of the show invited callers, one can rationally expect people to call in with opposing viewpoints. As for stating ìtheir white supremacist views,î that is a purely subjective statement, meaning nothing.

5.2 Page 2

This section implies that I had links with the ìUnited States Aryan Computer Network.î In actual fact, the only person who maintained a computer connection via his modem with Aryan Nations, Terry Long, Louis Beam, etc. was Grant Bristow. I had neither the time nor inclination to get involved in such an activity. This was before the days of the Internet, and establishing such a two-way link meant incurring long distance charges for something that could be done more cheaply with a ìvoice call.î Again, ëDay of the Ropeí and ëRace Warí are straight out of The Turner Diaries, a book that Bristow could and did quote from extensively ó because he liked it!

5.3 Page 3

First, I object to the arbitrary use of the term ìhate lineî to describe a hotline. No one was ever charged or convicted of ìpromoting hatred.î This is a quote from an extremely biased source. Second, Droege did not pre-approve messages, at least not the ones that I dictated, approved or vetted. Generally, his role was to occasionally suggest a topic for an upcoming message.

5.9.6 Page 22

No one who knows Wolfgang Droege could agree with the statement that ìDroege wanted a beer...î While occasionally he can be persuaded to drink one or two (at most) beers, his beverage of choice is always ìtea with lemon.î He has never, since Iíve known him, suggested going out for a beer.

5.9.6 Page 22

This account implies that I handed out photos of demonstrators to Heritage Front members, which is not the case. At Grant Bristowís request, I made single copies of numerous left-wing types using Ernst Zundelís video printer. I do not know if in fact Grant made extra copies to pass to others or not, but certainly, to my knowledge, no one else had access to these photos.

5.10.1 Page 25

I take exception to the last sentence in this paragraph. First, it seems out of place and has nothing to do with anything previously mentioned.

Second, I have never defended ìthe message of Holocaust denial.î Of course, like any sane person, I believe that every historical subject should be open to debate and revision where necessary, and this is what I tried to explain to the SIRC people in a telephone interview.

I think a more accurate statement would be that I constantly defend Ernst Zundelís right to question any aspect of history that he so chooses. History is not an exact science like geometry or physics, and is subject to constant revision as new facts come to light.

5.10.5 Page 32

The statement in footnote 13 requires a bit of explanation; otherwise it appears to be a denial of someone elseís statement. I told the SIRC interviewer that I didnít really know anything about Karen Mock, but I probably suggested Gary Schipper should use the term ìBínai Brith bigwigî to describe her ó because of her ëbig hairí in a recent televised news conference.Both Schipper and I agreed that it is important to inject humor into a message to get the point across effectively, and ìDoctorî Karen Mockís hair presented the perfect opportunity to introduce a bit of levity, without being offensive.

Once again, I object to the arbitrary use of the term ìhate lineî without quotation marks. This points to a certain amount of bias in the report.

5.10.6 Page 36

Perhaps ìthe Sourceî should have been more explicit, and said he thought Gerry Lincoln sometimes gave information to Tom Metzger about Canadian Jews.

Tom Metzger never asked me for information about Jews in this country. The only request he ever made was for a list of Canadian companies doing business in the U.S., but I never did get around to compiling one for him, and suggested that Tony MacAleer might be in a better position to assist him.

Metzger intended to arrange a boycott of Canadian companies to oppose Canadaís restrictive laws against freedom of speech.

7.3.2 Page 16

I would have been in favor of any ìplotî to embarrass Preston Manning, had I been aware of it, but I wasnít. My understanding of the Reform situation was simply that we would try to infiltrate our people into the decision-making process by having them elected to positions in Riding Associations.

My ill-concealed disdain for Preston Manning and Company kept me on the periphery of discussions concerning the Reform Party. I simply was not interested in Manningís hypocrisy.

9.2.1 Page 4

For reasons best known to ìthe Sourceî himself, he has denied knowing of the travel plans of the Metzgers in advance. However, this is simply not true.

Two or three days before their arrival in Canada, John Metzger had faxed me a copy of their itinerary on the travel agencyís letterhead. I immediately notified both Wolfgang Droege and Grant Bristow verbally.

While it is true that ìthe Sourceî played no role in bringing the Metzgers to Canada, he was certainly aware of how and when they were coming.

Originally, Drew Maynard and his then-girlfriend were to go to Buffalo to act as a backup only. A Buffalo resident, Robert Frens had offered to bring the Metzgers to Canada, but became petulant when he learned that others were to be involved, and backed out.

If CSIS was unaware of these details, it was only because ìthe Sourceî forgot, or chose not to inform them.

9.2.2 Page 5

I have previously responded to this allegation (see 5.10.6). It seems that Bristow jumped to conclusions in assuming that I had sent Metzger a list. I had told him that indeed Metzger had asked for one, and although I donít recall for sure, it is logical that I would have told Bristow that MacAleer would be better suited to the task, as I didnít have time for such a project. I suspect that I probably asked Bristow if he wanted the task, as I know he had access to all kinds of databases, such as Infoglobe and Infomart.

13.12 Page 14


To say that those connected with the Heritage Front Affair ìdeserve our thanksî is to destroy the credibility of the SIRC Report in a single sentence. While I might agree that Grant Bristow deserves our thanks, it is not for the same reasons as the authors of this report might have implied. Although most of my associates would disagree, I still feel that Bristowís contributions far outweighed any perceived harm he might have done to the Heritage Front.

At the risk of destroying personal friendships, I have steadfastly defended Grant Bristowís activities, when he has been verbally attacked by former colleagues. I have done this publicly, in media interviews, and privately, in conversations with individuals, so I wish to stress that it is not with animosity that I offer criticism of someone I still consider a good friend.

Having said that, I feel I must point out that Grant Bristow was fortunate enough to get paid for doing something he enjoyed and believed in. I believe that he was quite sincere in fighting along with the rest of us for ìequal rights for whites.î I really doubt that Mr. Bristow saw himself as ìhelping to protect Canadian society from a cancer growing within.î I imagine heís laughing all the way to the bank each month.

In truth, as former associates at Kuehne & Nagel, who knew him well before he ever became involved with the so-called ìracist rightî have stated in the Toronto Star, he clearly recognized the true enemy ó the real threat to the Canadian way of life ó as the ìleft-wing Bolshevik stooges.î

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