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Regarding the following text from the Heritage Front Affair - A report to the Solicitor General of Canada from the Security Intelligence Review Committee, Dec. 9, 1994.

Regarding : Eric Fischer

a) Chapter 5.6 - Page 7

b) Chapter 5.7 - Page 10

c) Chapter 5.9.8 - Page 24-25

d) 5.12.2 - Page 41-42

e) Chapter 12.3 - Page 2-3

I Eric Fischer of ***********, Ontario make oath and say as follows.

a: Contrary to Mr. Bristows claim I found the Might's Directories very easy to use.

b: Mr. Bristow claims that I would take pictures of the left-wing and our opposition. This is false, I have never taken pictures of our opposition. To the best of my memory, it was always Grant who was the one taking pictures and taking licence plate numbers down. I would also like to note that all surveillance was directed and promoted by Grant Bristow.

c: I would like to point out again that Mr. Bristow is claiming that we found the Might's Directories hard to understand, which is a complete lie. Me and my brother found the directories very easy to understand. Mr. Bristow claims that he never gave us any significant information, which is also not true. At our COTC meetings he would give us lists of phone numbers, addresses, place of employment and sometimes pictures of our opposition. He would then instruct us on how to harass them.


He instructed myself and other members of my security team as follows:

1) He gave me the name and address of Kevin Thomas and Katherine Klaus and numerous others among them Jews.

2) He told me to contact these people by phone or in person and call them commie or faggot and say other things to threaten them and that we would make life miserable for them. He told me to arrange with others to follow them and watch them and call home after them. He also told us where people worked. He gave us their phone numbers and told us to call their employers to tell them they had a convicted pedophile working for them in regards to Merle Terleski and Kevin Thomas

Mr. Bristow also showed me in detail how to conduct surveillance on people. He instructed us in surveillance as follows:

  1. He showed us how to create brackets around people we are following
  2. He instructed us how to send in spies into Anti-Racist meetings.
  3. He instructed us how to watch and memorize phone numbers and people's faces, find their place of employment or school and how to monitor personal habits.
  4. Grant showed me how to take pictures and videos of ARA people in and out of the buildings where their meetings were held and to follow them (ARA) to their homes.

Grant Bristow was always pushing us to do this, but because of my position as a security guard I was afraid to do what he demanded of me for fear of losing my bonding status. I know some others followed Grants directions.

d: Mr. Bristow claims that I provided scanning devices, which is not true. He and another person were the ones who provided the scanning equipment. Mr. Bristow also claims that I am the one who provided metal detectors from my military severance pay, this is only a half-truth. For the first year or so, Mr. Bristow provided all radio's and metal detectors which were in perfect working condition (contrary to what he claims) we used Mr. Bristows equipment until our own equipment was purchased with a loan and donations from other members of the COTC. I would also like to make clear that I did not buy the radio's and metal detectors with my military severance pay.

e: The committee is claiming that I was actively recruiting within the military for the Heritage Front and the Church of the Creator, in or around September 1992, which is impossible. I was not an active member of the Canadian Armed Forces during the time in question, I was in the supplementary reserve waiting for at least 9 months until I joined the Queen's Own Rifles unit in Toronto, which I was in for only a short time. I would also like to state that I never during my entire contract with the Canadian Armed Forces actively recruited in the military.

Shortly before Grant Bristow disappeared, I remember a conversation when Grant and I were in a car driving towards Brampton coming from Oshawa where Mr. Bristow had deliver legal papers to Harry Doan as he was acting as Doan's legal assistant. It was in the spring of 1994. Mr. Bristow told me on this trip that in regards to the future of the Heritage Front it would with the disappearance of free speech have to go underground and become an organisation based or modelled on the IRA. I took it he was saying we would have to resort to violence.

Although I have seen Ernst Zundel publicly, I have never met him. However I have knowledge of his general reputation in the community of the Heritage Front with which I was associated for 2 years. I have always known Mr. Zundel is vehemently opposed to violence or any illegal acts and this was well known in the Heritage Front.

I would like to also make known that since the summer of 1994, I am no longer involved with the right-wing or extremist groups.

Swore before me this ____ day of ___________
AD 1996 at the city of _____________, province of _____________


Douglas Christie a commissioner for oaths
in and for British Columbia

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