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Regarding the following text from the Heritage Front Affair - A report to the Solicitor General of Canada from the Security Intelligence Review Committee, Dec. 9, 1994.

Regarding : Marc Lemire

1.) Chapter 5.6

2.) Chapter 5.6

I Marc Lemire of *********, Toronto, Ontario make oath and say as follows.

(Regarding point 1.)

I have never shown Wolfgang Droege how to break into telephone answering machines.

(Regarding point 2.)

I have never put Zundel speeches on a tape loop and fed it into the answering machines of Heritage Front opponents.

But I was monitoring the "Klanbuster" answering machine at the request of Grant Bristow, who was the one who showed me how to break into the hotline. During a lunch break in Gerrard Square after an early 1993 Riverdale rally Grant Bristow took me aside from the group and explained to me in detail how to break into the "Klanbuster" hotline. He told me that you just simply call a "diverter" and through the "diverter" to call the KlanBuster hotline. At the time I told Mr. Bristow that I do not have a diverter number and he proceeded to give me one called "661-dial". He instructed me to first call up the diverter and then through the diverter call "Klan Busters" hotline and type in a 2 digit passcode, which was 89 or 85 that would give me access to the inside of the hotline. From there I was to collect names and numbers of people who called in and pass them along to Mr. Bristow.

Mr. Bristow also told me that every time I listened to the telephone numbers of these people, that I was to press "8" to erase them off the machine so that the KlanBuster personnel did not know that I had gained access to their answering machine. Mr. Bristow also instructed me to call back these individuals whose phone numbers I had and to pretend that I was a member of the Klanbusters Group and to try to get an address out of them to supposedly send them Anti-Racist material. In the entire time I collected names which lasted about 2 months, I collected around 10 to 15 and passed all of the numbers I collected along to Mr. Bristow at various times that we met each other (Generally Heritage Front events).

I also only called back one of the people who left their numbers.

Sworn before me this ____ day of ___________
AD 1996 at the city of _____________, province of ____________
Marc Lemire
A commissioner for oaths etc.

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